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Clare to Here

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Clare to Here

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Clare to Here
(Ralph McTell)

There's four who share this room
And we work hard for the crack.
Sleeping late on Sundays
And we never got to Mass.

cho: It's a long way from Clare to here,
     It's a long way from Clare to here,
     It's a long long way
     It gets further by the day
     It's a long long way from Clare to here.

When Friday comes around
Terry's only into fighting.
My mom would like a letter home
But I'm too tired for writing.

It almost breaks my heart
When I think of Josephine
I told her I'd be coming home
With my pockets full of green.

The only time I feel alright
Is when I'm into drinking.
It can sort of ease the pain of it
And it levels out my thinking.

I sometimes hear a fiddle play
Or maybe it's a notion.
I dream I see white horses dance
Upon that other ocean.

Copyright Ralph McTell
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