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Baltimore Fire

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Baltimore Fire

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Baltimore Fire

It was on a silver falls by a narrow
That I heard the cry I ever will remember,
The fire sent and cast its burning embers
On another faded city of our land.

cho: Fire,  Fire, I heard the cry
     From every breeze that passes by,
     All the world was one sad cry of pity
     Strong men in anguish prayed,
     Calling loud to Heaven for aid,
     While the fire in ruin was laying
     Fair Baltimore, the beautiful city

Amid an awful struggle of commotion,
The wind blew a gale from the ocean,
Brave firemen struggled with devotion,
But their efforts all proved in vain.

The awful news did spread across the wire
Of another sad catastrophe so dire,
That Baltimore City is afire,
And sinking 'neath the foe's relentless hand.
From New Lost City Ramblers; originally recorded by Charlie
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