Aural Culture Based on Musical Appreciation Rhythmic Excercises & Songs For Sight-singing

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41.     What composer first used the Scherzo consistently in his Sonatas and Symphonies ?
42.     Why was the Scherzo especially suitable as a vehicle for his thoughts ?
43.     Does the time-signature of most Scherzos, viz., 3, really express their accent and timeo accurately ? If not, why not ?
44.     What do you mean by a Coda?
45.     Write eight bars of tune of your own in the manner of a Scherzo in the time of Beethoven.
•16. What is meant by a Trio, in a Scherzo and Trio, or Minuet and Trio ? How did the expression arise?
47.     What do you know about Franz Schubert ?
48.     Name any other great composer who lived at the same time.
49.     What great difference was there between the methods of com­position of Beethoven and Schubert respectively?
50.     What is meant by a Rondo?
51.     Procure a copy of Haydn's Sonata in D (No. 7 in Peters' edition;, and mark on it the beginning of each theme, and of the return of the principal theme, in the last movement (which is a Rondo).
52.     Why do you think it necessary for us to try to remember the principal themes of a Sonata movement if we would appreciate it to the full ?
53.     How many principal themes are there, usually, in a movement in what is called Son form ?
54.     W7hat is meant by the double-bar that often occurs after the principal themes have been announced in such a movement ?
55.     What is the object, so far as the listener is concerned, of the "repeat marks" often found placed immediately before such double-bar ?
56.     What do we mean when we say that a composer is developing" his ideas or tunes?
57.     Write out, in the form of a diagram, the usual plan of most movements in " Sonata form."
58.     What writer's name is most intimately associated with Fugal composition ?
59.     What writer's name is most intimately associated with the composition of Pianoforte Sonatas ?
60.     Try to find out for yourself what is the difference between a Sonata and a Symphony.
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