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Shaker Hymnal with sheet music

The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing is a religious sect, also known as the Shakers, founded in the 18th century in England, having branched off from a Quaker community. They were known as "Shaking Quakers" because of their ecstatic behaviour during worship services. In 1747 women assumed leadership roles within the sect, notably Jane Wardley and Mother Ann Lee. Shakers settled in colonial America, with initial settlements in New Lebanon, New York (called Mount Lebanon after 1861) and what is now Watervliet. Shakers today are mostly known for their celibate and communal lifestyle, pacifism, and their model of equality of the sexes, which they institutionalised in their society in the 1780s. They are also known for their simple living, architecture and furniture. During the mid-19th century, an Era of Manifestations resulted in a period of dances, gift drawings and gift songs inspired by spiritual revelations. At its peak in the mid-19th century, there were 6,000 Shaker believers. By 1920, there were only 12 Shaker communities remaining in the United States. In the present day, there is only one active Shaker village, Sabbath day Lake Shaker Village, which is located in Maine. Their celibacy resulted in the thinning of the Shaker community, and consequently many of the other Shaker settlements are now village museums, like Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts. Dualism Shaker theology is based on the idea of the dualism of God as male and female: "So God created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). This passage was interpreted as showing the dual nature of the Creator. First and second coming Shakers believed that Jesus, born of a woman, the son of a Jewish carpenter, was the male manifestation of Christ and the first Christian Church; and that Mother Ann, daughter of an English blacksmith, was the female manifestation of Christ and the second Christian Church (which the Shakers believed themselves to be). She was seen as the Bride made ready for the Bridegroom, and in her, the promises of the Second Coming were fulfilled. Adam's sin was understood to be sex, which was considered to be an act of impurity. Therefore, marriage was done away with in the body of the Believers in the Second Appearance, which was patterned after the Kingdom of God, in which there would be no marriage or giving in marriage. The four highest Shaker virtues were virgin purity; communalism; confession of sin - without which one could not become a Believer; and separation from world. Celibacy and children Shakers were celibate; procreation was forbidden after they joined the society (except for women who were already pregnant at admission). Children were added to their communities through indenture, adoption, or conversion. Occasionally a foundling was anonymously left on a Shaker doorstep. They welcomed all, often taking in orphans and the homeless. For children, Shaker life was structured, safe and predictable, with no shortage of adults who cared about their young charges. When Shaker youngsters, girls and boys, reached the age of 21, they were free to leave or to remain with the Shakers. Unwilling to remain celibate, many chose to leave; today there are thousands of descendants of Shaker-raised seceders.(Ref Wikipedia)

NOTES: Simple Gifts is probably the most well know Shaker Tune (also known as Lord of the Dance after the new words written by Sidney Carter published in 1963). Unfortunately, it is not included in this collection but we do have a version of Simple Gifts in the favourite tunes section of this site. Some of the songs in this collection extend over two or more pages so you may have to click next/previous to see the whole song.
SOURCE: These songs are from a two volume set called Shaker Music, original Inspirational Hymns and Songs illustrative of the Resurrection Life and Testimony of the Shakers. Published by William Pond & Co. New York, for the North Family. Dates 1884 & 1893.

The transcriptions on this site are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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003 Gods Universal Praise
004 Faiths Vision
005 Our Zion Home
006 Guiding Star
007 Oer The Sun Tipped Hills
008 Aspiration
009 Gen Of Peace
010 Rock Of Ages
011 The Beacon
012 Gladsome Sound
013 Returning Spring
014 I Will Sustain The Structure
015 Pray Ope The Gates
016 Twilight Reflection
017 Oh We Have Heard A Glorious Song
018 Beautiful Shore
019 Gospel Day
020 Progression
021 Welcome Good Angels
022 Beams Of Light Silver Lining
023 Sweet Angels Come Nearer
024 Prayer And Praise
025 I Feel My Saviours Presence
026 Glad New Year
027 Good Angels Feed Me
028 Just As We Sow
029 Beautiful Valley
030 Voyage Of Life
031 Heavenly Pathway
032 Spiritual Eden
033 Spiritual Eden
034 Heavenly Goal
035 Changeless Pages
036 Farewell
037 New Years Greeting
038 True Love
039 Peace Be Still
040 Heavenly Guide
041 Power Of Love
042 Home
043 Let Zion Move
044 Morning Light
045 My Saviour
046 Land Of Love
047 Labor Of Life
048 Gods Blessing
049 Gentle Deeds
050 Season Of Devotion
051 Tender The Tie Of Sweet Affection
052 Beautiful Angel Home
053 Joy Joy Let Us Have Joy
054 Eden Of Today
055 Morning Dawn
056 Our Fathers Kingdom
057 A Halo Of Glory Bright
058 Call To The Weary
059 Go Forth With The Torch Lights
060 City Of Light
061 Hail The Glorious Coming Day
062 Keys Of Revelation
063 As I Progress
064 Millennium
065 Whateer May Be Lifes Struggle
066 The Coming Year
067 As An Army With Banners
068 Journeying On
069 Out Of The Shadows
070 Harvest Reward
071 Over The River
072 Willing Sacrifice
073 Beautiful Home
074 Resurrection
075 The Increasing Light
076 I Will Bless The Hand
077 Change
078 Progress
079 O Zion Arise In Thy Glory
080 Voice Of Peace
081 Inspiration
082 Weary Not O Christian Pilgrim
083 Lifes Unfoldment
084 March Of Truth
085 March Of Truth
086 Voice Of The Spirit
087 Only A Little While
088 Peaceful Victory
089 My Heavenly Home Is Here
090 Shout Of Triumph
091 Take From My Heart Eathly Idols
092 Christs Sufferings
093 Christs Sufferings
094 True Shepards Voice
095 Spirit Voices
096 Sunny Home
097 Not One Sparrow
098 Gods Love
099 Gratitude
100 Crown Of Grace
101 Work In Our Spirits
102 Welcome Spring
103 I Know That Chist My Saviour Lives
104 Twenty Third Psalm
105 At Peace With God
106 Zions Defense
107 Wake To Life
108 Raise The Standard
109 Shepherds Fold
110 Bright Hope Star
111 Ill Tell Thee Of Heaven
112 Glorious Morn
113 Golden Gate
114 Zions Vinyard
115 Zions Vinyard
116 Home Of Peace
117 Home Of Peace
118 Here I Am
119 Happy Change Listen To The Voice Of Wisdom
120 Christ Angels
121 Blessed Power Of True Religion
122 Blending Of The Spheres
123 Precious Bond
124 Everlasing Truth
125 Blessings Of Today
126 Sweet Repose See The Mists
127 Shade Bower
128 To My Inner Sight
129 Rich Blessing
130 Rose Of Sharon
131 Rose Of Sharon
132 Th Pilgrims Transition
133 Precious Pearl
134 Heavenly Journey
135 Thy Will Be Done
136 Christ Of The Ages
137 I See The Light Before Me
138 I Will Trust In Thee
139 My Spirit Seems Lifted
140 Redeeming Love I Know That God Is Love
141 Courts Of Zion
142 I Will Bless Thee O Zion
143 The Blessedness Of Love
144 O Lord I Will Praise Thee
145 O Precious Gift Of Love
146 Power Of Faith
147 Stream Of Life
148 Kingdom Of Glory
149 No Surrender
150 Good Night
151 Vernal Season
152 Forgiving Love
153 Joyful Song
154 Faith And Hope
155 Praise
156 Eternitys Day
157 Light Eternal
158 Day Of Promise
159 My Weary Heart
160 Universal Love
161 Song Of Peace
162 Heavenly Inspiration
163 Silent Streams
164 Spiritual Home
165 Captains Call
166 Triumph Of Truth
167 Over The Valley
168 On The Wings Of Freedom
169 Faith
170 Star Of Purity
171 Trust
172 Well Sing Of Love
173 See The Golden Fruits
174 Blessed Saviour
175 Gracious Gift
176 Jubilee
177 Christian Love
178 New Birth
179 Pilgrims Path
180 Living Saviours
181 Blessed Spirit Of The Martyrs
182 Work In My Vinyard
183 Sweet Assurance
184 Land Of Delight
185 O Lovely And Fair Mount Zion
186 River Of Peace
187 Give Me A Name
188 Come On Dear Companions
189 Home Of Rest
190 You Cannot Catch The Sands
191 O God In Thy Wisdom
192 As A Pool Of Water
193 Pleasant Is The Twilight
194 Heavenly Vigils
195 Within Thy Many Mansions
196 Infinite Love
197 Upward Journey
198 I Am Safe In The Lifeboat
199 Through The Darkest Cloud
200 Purity
201 The Coming Time
202 Heavenly Light
203 Fruit Of Blessing
204 As A Light Beaming Forth
205 When Darkening Shadows Fall
206 Peace And Plenty
207 Song Of Triumph
208 O Love Love Divine
209 Work For The Harvest
210 In Spirit Uplifted
211 Praise Hath Entered My Heart
212 Lifes Victories
213 Awake From Your Slumbers
214 In God Is Our Hope
215 Let My Name Be Recorded
216 Trees Swaying Trees
217 Expand O My Soul
218 Light Light Is Shining
219 Give Me The Food Of Angels
220 I Am Bound For The Summit
221 Oh Truth Is Beaming
222 Gleams Of Glory
223 Intercession
224 Not On The Waves Of Feeling
225 Not A Far Off Country
226 Work While The Angels Work
227 Blessed Promise
228 True Wealth
229 Song Of Love
230 Sands Of Life
231 I Was Glad
232 Waiting And Watching
233 Angel Of Peace
234 In Songs Of Sweet Praise
235 Free Will Offering
236 Faithful Watchers
237 God Will Be My Strength
238 Comfort The Sorrowing
239 Come Down From Your Heaven Home
240 Father Of Mercy
241 Round My Heart
242 Winter Winter Song
243 Spring
244 Spring Song Summer
245 Summer Song Autumn
246 Autumn Song Lord Of The Harvest
247 Lord Of The Harvest
248 Millenial Day
249 Millenial Day
250 Millenial Day
251 Lovely Realm
252 I Am With Thee
253 Earnest Prayer
254 Freedoms Reign
255 Rejoice Rejoice O My People
256 Let Not Temptation
257 We Are Blessed With A Power
258 Sacred Vow
259 Glory Of The Redeemed
260 Glory Of The Redeemed
261 Wake The Strains Of Gladness
262 Wake The Strains Of Gladness
263 Victory
264 Commited I Stand Before Thee
265 Ministering Angels
266 Ministering Angels
267 Soul Pleadings
268 What Saith The Spirit
269 Promised Blessing
270 Promised Blessing
271 Dawn Of Day
272 Dawn Of Day
273 Song Of Victory
274 Oh Union Pure Union
275 Confiding Trust
276 The Beautiful Way
277 The New Jerusalem
278 The New Jerusalem
279 Onward Move Ye Valient Souls
280 Onward Move Ye Valient Souls
281 The Saviours Promise
282 Toil And Win
283 Open Your Mouths
284 Precious Gospel Kindred
285 Thanksgiving
286 Oh Drem Not In Hope
287 Israels Redemption
288 Israels Redemption
289 You Are Mine
290 You Are Mine
291 Conquering Legions
292 In Wisdoms Lovely Pleasant Ways
293 Loving Watch
294 Heavenly Presence
295 All Along The Path Of Duty
296 Oh The Joyful Sound
297 Heavenly Joy
298 Beneath The Wings
299 Sure Defence
300 Sure Defence
301 Joyful Lays
302 Angel Ministration
303 Flowers From Heaven
304 Flowers From Heaven
305 In The Rough Rugged Path
306 In The Rough Rugged Path
307 Songs Of Cheer
308 Leave Me Not Alone
309 No Reserve Will I Make
310 Hear Oh Hear
311 The Holy City
312 Soul Breathings
313 My Soul Hath No Burden
314 A Deeper Truer Love
315 Glorious Reward
316 Hopes Deliverance
317 The Lord Glorified
318 The Lord Glorified
319 Look Beyond
320 Look Beyond
321 All Hail Ye Pioneers
322 Theres A Crown In Heaven
323 Theres A Power In The Work
324 Hand In Hand
325 Daughter Of Jerusalem
326 Daughter Of Jerusalem
327 Daughter Of Jerusalem
328 At Rest
329 Our Deliverer
330 Oh Mother Is Calling
331 Nearer The Victory
332 Not When The Waters Calmly Flow
333 Joyful Tidings
334 Faith In God
335 Light In The Darkness
336 Light In The Darkness
337 Labors Reward
338 Deep The River Of Life
339 The Angels Encamp
340 The Day Of The Lord
341 The Day Of The Lord
342 Give Us Some Signal
343 Bond Of Love
344 We Shall Meet
345 The Lord Hath Need Of Thee
346 Mercies
347 Springtime
348 Spirit Refreshings
349 We Are Leaving The Shadows
350 Infinite Goodness
351 Seek The Lord
352 Seek The Lord
353 Tarry Not Tarry Not
354 Tarry Not Tarry Not
355 Only Arisen
356 Soul Awakening
357 Millennial Praise
358 Millennial Praise
359 Open Thine Eyes
360 Open Thine Eyes
361 Peace And Joy
362 Give Good Gifts
363 Hosanna
364 Hosanna
365 Move Ahead True Soul
366 Move Ahead True Soul
367 Angel Of Purity
368 Forgivness
369 The Mercy Seat
370 Let Us Lift Our Hearts
371 Let Us Lift Our Hearts
372 Rest In God
373 What Of The Night
374 What Of The Night
375 Soul Travel
376 Ere The Dawn Of Day
377 Glad Reign Of Peace
378 I Am Never Forgotten
379 Holy Hour
380 The Rose Hat A Thorn
381 Glory Be To God
382 Mothers Gospel Is My Treasure
383 Im Hastening With You
384 Oh Thanks Be To God
385 Hour Of Prayer
386 Ye Who Are Walking
387 Soulful Prayer
388 Why Should The Tonge
389 To The Sun Crowned Hight
390 We Are Strong
391 Pentecost
392 In Heaven Theres Joy
393 Thy Banner O Zion
394 May You Feel The Arms Of Mercy
395 Trust In God
396 The True Disciple
397 Blessing
398 Blessing
399 Abide In The Truth
400 Abide In The Truth
401 I Glory Glory Not
402 Theres A Fullness Of Blessing
403 Lord I Give My All
404 I Would Be One
405 Let Us Be Not Wearied
406 I Hear The Gladsome Song
407 Vale Of Prayer
408 Eternal Home
409 Glorious Zion
410 Glorious Zion
411 We Are Called To A Life Divine
412 We Are Called To A Life Divine
413 My Home Above
414 On To Glory
415 Glory To The Righteious
416 Waves Of Light
417 Spring Is Coming
418 Sowing
419 My Disciples Forbear Ye
420 Ill Go With You
421 The Bright And Happy Mansions
422 Wake From The Night
423 Entreaty
424 Grant Me Thine Aid
425 Christian Triumph
426 Oh Theres A Fullness
427 Look Up Through The Clouds
428 God Of Heaven We Adore Thee
429 Angel Voice
430 Lifes Infinity
431 Reverential Praise
432 A Happy Band
433 A Happy Band
434 Why Will Ye Hunger
435 Full Offering
436 When Heavenly Stillness
437 No Surrender No Retreat
438 Not In The Form
439 As The Ancients Of The City
440 Bear Alft Attending Spirits
441 Praise God
442 Praise God
443 Praise God
444 Sunshine Of Love
445 Onward March
446 Light Of Hope
447 Prepare Ye Heavenly Reapers
448 Repent Repent
449 Heres A Home For The Wanderer
450 Mid Verdant Groves
451 Beautiful Day
452 Beautiful Day
453 List To The Joyful Song
454 List To The Joyful Song
455 Looking Upward
456 Tenderly Cared For
457 Humble Offering
458 The Prophet Saw In A Vision
459 Clad In Victory
460 Having Dipped Thier Robes
461 The Good Shepherd
462 Saving Hope
463 Bless The Lord
464 Bless The Lord
465 Bless The Lord
466 Triumph Of Peace
467 Lift Up Thy Voice
468 To The Realms Of Peace
469 Like A Might Army
470 Bear Me Away
471 The Beautiful River
472 Dawning Day
473 In My Fathers House
474 Down In The Vally
475 Grieve Not The Comforter
476 I Will Take Down My Harp
477 Abide With Me
478 If Our Home Is So Beautiful
479 Glory Of The Cross
480 Banish Every Feeling
481 Who Shall Enter
482 Love This Beautiful Treasure
483 The Ocean Of Time
484 The Ocean Of Time
485 How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles
486 How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles
487 The Lord In His Majesty
488 What Tho Our Barques
489 The Pearl Of True Worth
490 Listen To The Voice Of Wisdom
491 Our Hearts Seek The Truth
492 Shall We Stand
493 Out From The Wilderness
494 Will You Go With Me
495 Land Of Promise
496 Oh The Heavenly Pure Relation
497 The Olden Song
498 The Olden Song
499 In The Fair Height Of Heaven
500 For Thy Love
501 Truth And Love
502 Forgive As Thou Wouldst Be Forgiven
503 Inward Monitor
504 Sound Sound The Glad Hosanna
505 Loves Tribute
506 Gather Home
507 Messenger Of Truth
508 Messenger Of Truth
509 Messenger Of Truth
510 Jehovah Reigns
511 Centennial
512 Centennial

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.