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Traditional Scottish Tunes for Musicians & Bands at Weddings, Ceilidhs, Dances, Gatherings etc. With Downloadable Sheet-Music including Tabs for guitar, midi files, mp3 audio and PDF

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C K Sharpe Esq Favourite Cabar Feidh Cabar Feidh1 Caber Feidh Caber Feidh The Deers Antlers Caber Feigh Cacina Cadgers Of The Canongate Caillach Liath Rasar Cailleach Oidhche Caillich Odhar Caillich Odher Cairdin Ot Cairin Ot Cairngorm Mountain Cairn Edward Caisteal Chuimri Caithness Rant The Calabria Calam Breugach Caledonian Country Dances Caledonian Laddie Caledonias Wail For Niel Gow Her Favourite Minstrel Callam Brougach Caller Herring Calliope House Callum Beg Callum Breugach Calluna Calton Weaver The Calums Road Calums Road [g] Calum Beag Calum Beg Calum Breugach Calum Donaldson Cal Howards Jig 1 Cal Howards Jig 2 Camel Hump Cameronian Rant The Camerons Got His Wife Again Cameron Highlanders The Cameron Macfadyen Campbells Farewell To Redcastle Aabaacc Campbells Favorite Campbells Frolic Campbelltown Loch Cam Ye Oer Frae France Cape Breton Hornpipe Cape Breton Wedding Reel 1 Captain Byng Captain Campbell Captain Campbells Reel Captain Campbells Strathspey Captain Carswell Captain Charles Stewarts Jigg Captain Elphinston Captain Fife Captain George Hunter Captain Gillan Captain Gillans Captain Horne Captain H Munro Captain Keeler Captain Macduff Captain Macduffs Farewell Captain Mcduff Captain Mcguire Captain Monros Favourite Captain Norman Orr Ewing Captain Ross Captain White Captain Youngs Quick Step Capt Campbell Of Lochnells Reel Carle Cam Oer The Craft The Carlisle Lasses Carnies Canter Carn Dubil Carolans Draught Carricks Rant Casag Lachdunn Ruairdh Ruaidh Caseys Pig Castlecraigs Castledykes Reel Castle Douglas Castle Garden Jig Castle Hill Castle In The Air Castle Spynie Castle Spynie Catchin Rabbits Catch And Kiss The Romp Catharsis Catherine Shaws Quickstep Catholic Bills Cauld Kail A Noys Way Of The 2d Measure Wt Gatherings Cauld Kail A Way Instead Of The Gatherings In The Second Measure Cauld Kail In Aberdeen Kail Cauld Kale In Aberdeen Cavehill Cawdor Fair Ca Hawkie Through The Water Ca The Stirks Ca The Yowes Cease Not To Row Brave Boys Cease Your Funning Ceilidh Umbrella Celtic Colours 1 Cenneag Mor Ceres Green Chailleach An Dudain Champion Jig Charles Leslie Charles Sutherland Charley Stuart Charlies Welcome Charlie Flemings Reel Charlie Gores Birthday Charlie Hunter Charlie Hunters Jig Charlie Stewart Charlie Stewart Catal Stuairt Charlie Stuarts Jig Charlie Stuarts Jig Charlie Hunters Jig Charlotte Square Cheag Na Pollaich Cheap Meal Cheerful Mary Cherish The Ladies Chieftains Lament The Chirping Of The Nightingale Chisholm The Chorus Jig Christian Catto Christines Strathspey Christine Morrisons Jig Christ Childs Lullaby Chuir I Gluin Air A Bhodach Chuir I Glun Air A Bhodach Chwi Fechgyn Glan Fri Ciaran Tourishs Reel Ciorsdan Mhor Clachan The Clach Na Cudain1 Clach Na Cudain2 Clanranald Clan Munroe Strathspey Clarence House Clean Pea Strae Cliffs Of Moher Cluny Castle Cluny Rock Clydesdale Lasses Clydeside Lassies Clydeside Lassies Reel Clydeside Lassies Strathspey Clyde Hornpipe The Cockers Roses Cock Of The North Cock Of The North The Cock O The North Cock O The North The Cock Up Your Beaver Coffee Coille An Togail Coirechoille Coirsdan Mhor Colbeck House Cold Winds From Ben Wyviss Coleraine Collar Green College College Hornpipe Colonel Baird Colonel Crafords Reel Colonel Crafurds Reel Colonel Crafurds Reel Earl Of Dalkeith Colonel Fraser Of Knocky Colonel Hfcampbells Strathspey Colonel Macbean Colonel Mcbain Colonel Montgomery Colonel Ridleys Quickstep Colonel Robertson Colonel Thornton Colonel Wemyss Colquhalzie Fir Trees Col H F Campbells Strathspey Comely Garden Come Along And Keep Your Promise Come Dance And Sing Come Lasses And Lads Come Let Us Dance And Sing Come Oer The Stream Charlie Come Under My Plaidie Comin Thro The Rye Compliments To Cameron Chisholm Compliments To The Boys Of The Lough Constant Billy Constant Billy The Legacy None So Pretty Constitution Hornpipe Coopers Corimonies Rant Cori Mclenon Cori Mclenon Cory Mclennon Corn Riggs Are Bonny Corn Rigs Corrimony Corsican Fairythe Bf1167 Cortes Gardens Cory Mclennon Cotillon Davila Leblanc Cottage Adjoining The Fall The Cottars Wife The Countess Of Breadalbane Countess Of Cassillis Countess Of Dalhousie Countess Of Haddington The Countess Of Rothes The Countess Of Sutherland Country Dance Country Lasses Country Lasses Reel Country Lasses Strathspey County Hall Count Dartois Count Not The Hours Coupar Angus Jigg Courtesans Jig Cousin Jim Cow Boy The Craigellachie Bridge Craigellachie Lasses Craigendoran Craighall Craigie Hall Craigroyal Craig O Barns Crail Crieff Fair Cronan Na Linne Mhuilich Crooked Horn Ewe The Cropies Reel Cropies Strathspey Crossing The Minch Crossing To Ireland Cross Of Inverness The Croughly Crowhillock Cuckolds All A Row Cuilfhionn Cuir Sa Chiste Mhoir Mi Culburnie Cottage Cullen Bay Cullen House Cullen House Cullodens Fancy Culloden Day Culloden House Cumberland Reel Cumberland The Cumbernauld House Where Winding Forth Adorns The Vale Cumernad Hoose Cumernad House Curdle Water Cutties Wedding Cutting Ferns Cuttymun And Treeladle Cut And Dry Cut Him Down Susie

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