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Home, Sweet Home . . .
First sung in an opera written by Sir Henry Bishop, produced in Covent Garden Theatre, Lon­don, in 1823. The author, who was all his life a wanderer, has been called " the homeless bard of home."
Home Again . . .
John Howard Payne . 1792-1852.
Sicilian air.
Marshall S. Pike 1818-1901.
George Howland 1823-1892.
Marshall S. Pike
Around the Hearth
If I were a Sunbeam
A Midsummer Song .
God Speed the Right Rain on the Roof .
Scotch air .... Air : Auld Lang Syne.
German air ...
Lucy Larcom .... 1826-1893.
Bichard Watson Gilder . 1844-
William E. Hickson . .
Franz Abt......66,67
German air..... 67
Coates Kinney 1826-
Johann Gottlieb Naumann 1741-1801.
Johann Adam Hiller . .
68 69
70 71
Woodman, Spare that Tree
The author heard a friend make an appeal voicing the sentiment of the song. On payment of ten dollars the woodman signed a bond to spare the tree.
The Old Oaken Bucket . .
The well is still standing in Scit-uate, Mass., the birthplace of the author.
Speed Away !......
The words of this song were baaed on the following statement cur­rent at the time the song was written, though it had probably little, if any, foundation in fact. " Among the superstitions of the Senecas is one which, for its singular beauty, is already well known. When a maiden dies, they imprison a young bird until it first begins to try its powers of song, and then load­ing it with kisses and caresses, they loose its bonds over her grave, in the belief that it will not fold its wings, nor close its eyes, until it has flown to the spirit land, and delivered its precious burden of affection to the loved and lost. ' It is not infrequent,' says the Indian historian, ' to see twenty or thirty birds loosened at once over one grave.'"
The Indian Girl's Lament .
George Pope Morris 1802-1864.
Samuel Woodworth 1785-1842.
G. Kiallmark ....
Air: Araby's Daughter. Isaac Baker Woodbury
Isaac Baker Woodbury 1819-1858.
William Cullen Bryant 1794-1878.
Jakob Ludwig Felix Men-
delssohn-Bartholdy . . 72 1809-1847. Wellington Guernsey . . 73 1817-1885. Air : I '11 hang my harp on a willow tree.
Karl Gottfried Wilhelm
Taubert...... 74
1811-1891. Charles Crozat Converse 75,76,77
1834-Arr. from Voigtlaender . 78, 'i i
Ye say they all have Lydia Huntley Sigourney passed away                                  1791-1865.
From the poem Indian Names.
My Mother's Memory
John Boyle O'Beilly . . . .
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
1807-1882. Eugene Field......
The Death of Minnehaha From The Song of Hiawatha.
Child and Mother . . .
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