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A Comprehensive Ralph McTell Songbook (250+ songs) with lyrics and chords for guitar, ukulele banjo etc.

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Ralph McTell songs and chords
RALPH MCTELL (born Ralph May, 3 December 1944) is an English singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player who has been an influential figure on the UK folk music scene since the 1960s. McTell is best known for his song "Streets of London", which has been covered by over two hundred artists around the world, and for his tale of Irish emigration, "From Clare to Here". In the 1980s he wrote and played songs for two TV children's programmes, Alphabet Zoo, which also featured Nerys Hughes, followed by Tickle on the Tum, featuring Jacqueline Reddin. Albums were also released from both series. He also recorded Keith Hopwood's and Malcolm Rowe's theme song to Cosgrove Hall's adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, and this was released as a single in 1984 after the series was aired on ITV. McTell's guitar playing has been modelled on the style of the US's country blues guitar players of the early 20th century, including Blind Blake, Robert Johnson and Blind Willie McTell. These influences led a friend to suggest that he change his professional name to McTell as his career was beginning to take shape. McTell is also an accomplished performer on piano and harmonica, which he uses on a harness.(Ref Wikipedia) (Ralph's own Website)

THIS COLLECTION of Ralph McTell Song lyrics with chords, includes some 250 songs. Some of the lyrics also include chords and a few have guitar tablature, there may also be different versions of some of the songs.

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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A Feather Fell-Ralph McTell
Adelaide The Alligator-Ralph McTell
Affairs Of The Heart-Ralph McTell
After Rain-Ralph McTell
Albert Ross The Albatross-Ralph McTell
Alexei-Ralph McTell
All Things Change-Ralph McTell
An Irish Blessing-Ralph McTell-CRD
Another Rain Has Fallen-Ralph McTell
Another Star Ascending-Ralph McTell
Are You Receiving Me-Ralph McTell
Around The Wild Cape Horn-Ralph McTell-CRD
Around The Wild Cape Horn-Ralph McTell
Arthur Blake-Ralph McTell
Autumn-Ralph McTell
Bad Girl-Ralph McTell
Ballad Of Dancing Doreen The-Ralph McTell
Banjo Man-Ralph McTell
Barges-Ralph McTell
Bentley And Craig-Ralph McTell
Bessies Washboard Blues-Ralph McTell
Betty The Badger-Ralph McTell
Bicker And Rue-Ralph McTell
Big Tree-Ralph McTell
Birdman-Ralph McTell
Blues In More Than 12 Bars-Ralph McTell
Boris The Bat-Ralph McTell
Bridge Of Sighs-Ralph McTell
Bright And Beautiful Things-Ralph McTell-CRD
Bright And Beautiful Things-Ralph McTell
Brighton Belle-Ralph McTell
Buzz Buzz Buzz-Ralph McTell
Caitlins Song-Ralph McTell
Camilla The Camel-Ralph McTell
Care In The Community-Ralph McTell
Chairman And The Little Man-Ralph McTell
Chalk Dust-Ralph McTell-CRD
Chalk Dust-Ralph McTell
Chicken Chicken Banjo-Ralph McTell
Chou Fleur-Ralph McTell
Clare To Here Chords-Ralph McTell-CRD
Claudia-Ralph McTell-CRD
Claudia-Ralph McTell
Clown-Ralph McTell-CRD
Clown-Ralph McTell
Cold On The Stones-Ralph McTell
Come On You Rovers-Ralph McTell
Connie Capers On Patrol-Ralph McTell
Conundrum Of Time-Ralph McTell-CRD
Conundrum Of Time-Ralph McTell
Counting Song The-Ralph McTell
Country Boys-Ralph McTell
Cradled In The Rocking Boat-Ralph McTell
Curly The Cat-Ralph McTell
Daddys Here-Ralph McTell
Daddys Whistling Home-Ralph McTell
Digger The Dog-Ralph McTell
Dora The Driver-Ralph McTell
Dreams Of You-Ralph McTell
Dry Bone Rag Tab-Ralph McTell-CRD
Duster The Dog-Ralph McTell
Easter Lilies-Ralph McTell-CRD
Easter Lilies-Ralph McTell
Edna The Elephant-Ralph McTell
Eight Frames A Second-Ralph McTell
El Progresso-Ralph McTell
Enemy Within The-Ralph McTell
England 1914-Ralph McTell-CRD
England 1914-Ralph McTell
England-Ralph McTell-CRD
England-Ralph McTell
Factory Girl-Ralph McTell-CRD
Factory Girl-Ralph McTell
Fairground The-Ralph McTell
Farmer Field-Ralph McTell
Father Forgive Them-Ralph McTell
Fear Of Flying-Ralph McTell
Feathers In Your Pillow-Ralph McTell
Fergus The Frog-Ralph McTell
Ferryman The-Ralph McTell
Fin-Ralph McTell
First And Last Man-Ralph McTell-CRD
First And Last Man-Ralph McTell
First Song-Ralph McTell
First Song Tab-Ralph McTell-CRD
Five Balloons-Ralph McTell
Freckles And Spots-Ralph McTell
Freddie The Fireman-Ralph McTell
From Clare To Here-Ralph McTell
Genesis I Verse 20-Ralph McTell
Geordies On The Road-Ralph McTell
Get Me A Doctor-Ralph McTell
Girl From The Hiring Fair-Ralph McTell-CRD
Girl From The Hiring Fair-Ralph McTell
Girl On A Bicycle-Ralph McTell
Gold In California-Ralph McTell
Gordon The Goat-Ralph McTell
Got To Be With You-Ralph McTell
Grande Affaire-Ralph McTell
Grey Sea Strand-Ralph McTell
Gypsy-Ralph McTell-CRD
Gypsy-Ralph McTell
Hands Of Joseph-Ralph McTell-CRD
Hands Of Joseph-Ralph McTell
Hard Traveling-Ralph McTell-CRD
Harry-Ralph McTell
Heroes And Villains-Ralph McTell
Heron Song-Ralph McTell
Hesitation Blues-Ralph McTell-CRD
Holding Hands-Ralph McTell
Holiday Romance-Ralph McTell
Holly The Hedgehog-Ralph McTell
I Dont Think About You-Ralph McTell
I Love Driving West-Ralph McTell
I Love My Bicycle-Ralph McTell
I Miss You Most Of All-Ralph McTell
I Suppose-Ralph McTell
Icarus Survived The Fall-Ralph McTell
If I Dont Get Home-Ralph McTell
Ill Keep This With Mine-Ralph McTell
Im Looking Over My Shoulder For You-Ralph McTell
Im Not A Rock-Ralph McTell
Im Not Really Blue-Ralph McTell
Im Sorry I Must Leave-Ralph McTell-CRD
Im Sorry I Must Leave-Ralph McTell
Impala Song-Ralph McTell
In Some Way I Loved You-Ralph McTell
In The Dreamtime-Ralph McTell-CRD
In The Dreamtime-Ralph McTell
Interest On The Loan-Ralph McTell
Irish Blessing An-Ralph McTell
Irish Girl The-Ralph McTell
Islands The-Ralph McTell
It Could Have Happened To Anyone-Ralph McTell
Ive Thought About It-Ralph McTell
Jake The Jackdaw-Ralph McTell
Jenny Taylorje Netais La-Ralph McTell
Jesus Wept-Ralph McTell
Keeping The Night At Bay-Ralph McTell
Kenny The Kangaroo-Ralph McTell
Kew Gardens-Ralph McTell
Last Train And Ride-Ralph McTell-CRD
Last Train And Ride-Ralph McTell
Laurence The Lion-Ralph McTell
Lay Your Money Down-Ralph McTell
Let Me Down Easy-Ralph McTell-CRD
Let Me Down Easy-Ralph McTell
Let Me Fly Or Let Me Fall-Ralph McTell
Lily The Lollipop Lady-Ralph McTell
Little Actress-Ralph McTell
London Apprentice-Ralph McTell-CRD
Lorna The Ladybird-Ralph McTell
Lost Boys-Ralph McTell
Louise-Ralph McTell
Love Grows-Ralph McTell
Lunar Lullaby-Ralph McTell
Maddy Dances-Ralph McTell
Maginot Waltz-Ralph McTell-CRD
Maginot Waltz-Ralph McTell
Martin The Monkey-Ralph McTell
Maurice The Mole-Ralph McTell
Mermaid And The Seagull The-Ralph McTell
Michael In The Garden-Ralph McTell-CRD
Michael In The Garden-Ralph McTell
Mike The Milkman-Ralph McTell
Milk For One-Ralph McTell
Mr Connaughton-Ralph McTell-CRD
Mr Connaughton-Ralph McTell
Mrs Adlams Angels-Ralph McTell
My First Song-Ralph McTell-CRD
Nannas Song-Ralph McTell
Naomi-Ralph McTell-CRD
Naomi-Ralph McTell
Nellie The Newt-Ralph McTell
Nettle Wine-Ralph McTell
Nigel The Nightingale-Ralph McTell
Nightmares-Ralph McTell
No More Beans For Dora-Ralph McTell
Now This Has Started-Ralph McTell
Old Brown Dog-Ralph McTell-CRD
Old Brown Dog-Ralph McTell
Ollie The Otter-Ralph McTell
One Day Away From You-Ralph McTell
One Heart-Ralph McTell
Oscar The Ostrich-Ralph McTell
Peppers And Tomatoes-Ralph McTell-CRD
Peppers And Tomatoes-Ralph McTell
Peter The Parrot-Ralph McTell
Pick Up A Gun-Ralph McTell
Pigeon Song The-Ralph McTell
Pity The Boy-Ralph McTell
Please Dont Haunt Me-Ralph McTell
Promises-Ralph McTell
Pykey Boy-Ralph McTell
Quentin The Quail-Ralph McTell
Rabbit Song The-Ralph McTell
Red And Gold-Ralph McTell-CRD
Red And Gold-Ralph McTell
Red Sky At Night-Ralph McTell
Reverend Thunder-Ralph McTell-CRD
Rizraklaru Tab-Ralph McTell-CRD
Roland Crust-Ralph McTell
Rosie Moon-Ralph McTell
Run Johnny Run-Ralph McTell
Sally The Seal-Ralph McTell
Sand In Your Shoes-Ralph McTell
Saucers-Ralph McTell
Seeds Of Heaven-Ralph McTell
Silver Birch And Weeping Willow-Ralph McTell
Sleepy Time Blues-Ralph McTell
Slip Shod Tap Room Dance-Ralph McTell
Slow Burning Companion-Ralph McTell
Small Voice Calling-Ralph McTell
Something The Matter With Mary-Ralph McTell
Song For Martin-Ralph McTell
Spiral Staircase-Ralph McTell-CRD
Spiral Staircase-Ralph McTell
Standing Down In New York Town-Ralph McTell
Still In Dreams-Ralph McTell
Stranger To The Seasons-Ralph McTell
Streets Of London-Ralph McTell-CRD
Streets Of London-Ralph McTell
Streets Of London Tab-Ralph McTell-CRD
Stuff No More-Ralph McTell
Summer Come Along-Ralph McTell
Summer Girl-Ralph McTell-CRD
Summer Girls-Ralph McTell
Summer Lightning-Ralph McTell
Summer Lightning Tab-Ralph McTell-CRD
Sweet Girl On My Mind-Ralph McTell
Sweet Mystery-Ralph McTell
Sylvia-Ralph McTell
Take It Easy-Ralph McTell
Tammy The Tortoise-Ralph McTell
Tap Tap Tap With The Hammer-Ralph McTell
Teacher Teacher-Ralph McTell
Teachers Lost Voice-Ralph McTell
Tequila Sunset-Ralph McTell
Terminus-Ralph McTell
Terry The Turtle-Ralph McTell
The Case Of Otto Schwarzkopf-Ralph McTell
The Ferryman-Ralph McTell-CRD
The Grande Affaire-Ralph McTell-CRD
The Mermaid And The Seagull-Ralph McTell-CRD
The Setting-Ralph McTell
The Things You Wish Yourself-Ralph McTell
The Wind In The Willows-Ralph McTell-CRD
This Time Of Night-Ralph McTell
Throw Out A Line And Dream-Ralph McTell
Tickle Post-Ralph McTell
Tous Les Animaux Sont Tristes-Ralph McTell
Traces-Ralph McTell
Trouble Im In-Ralph McTell
Umbrella Bird The-Ralph McTell
Unwin The Unicorn-Ralph McTell
Up-Ralph McTell
Van Nuys-Ralph McTell
Victor The Vulture-Ralph McTell
Wagon On The Motorway-Ralph McTell
Wagstaff The Woodpecker-Ralph McTell
Wait Until The Snow-Ralph McTell
Walk Into The Morning-Ralph McTell
Wally The Walrus-Ralph McTell
Water Of Dreams-Ralph McTell
Weather The Storm-Ralph McTell-CRD
Weather The Storm-Ralph McTell
When I Was A Cowboy-Ralph McTell
When Love Has Gone-Ralph McTell
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney-Ralph McTell
Willy Wong-Ralph McTell
Winnies Rag-Ralph McTell
Wish I Could Pray-Ralph McTell
Wonderful Country-Ralph McTell
Words I Couldnt Say-Ralph McTell
Would I Lie To You-Ralph McTell
X Ray Fish-Ralph McTell
You Make Me Feel Good-Ralph McTell
You Well Meaning Brought Me Here-Ralph McTell
Your Well Meaning Brought You Here-Ralph McTell-CRD
Yuri The Yak-Ralph McTell
Zimmerman Blues-Ralph McTell
Zoe The Zebra-Ralph McTell
Zoo Zoo Zoo-Ralph McTell

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