Traditional Pub Session Tunes Part 3
(Lewes favourites)

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This is selection of tunes and versions which are commonly played in pubs in the Lewes area of East Sussex.

Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)



Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
Astley's Ride(Lewes) 000492 DMaj No
Bang Up 014827 DMaj No
Basket Hornpipe 000753 Gmaj No
Blue Eyed Stranger 001107 GMaj No
Bluebell Polka, The 001109 GMaj No
Bonny Kate (Lewes) 001209 GMaj No
Boys of Oakhill, The 001336 DMaj No
Boys of School Hill 011745 Dmaj No
Brighton Camp (Lewes) 001414 GMaj No
Brothers in York 011765 GMaj No
Buttered Peas 014548 GMaj No
Captain Lanoe's Quick March 001671 GMaj No
Captain O'Cain 001683 DMaj No
Captain White 001698 DMaj No
Clee Hill 001980 Dmaj No
Cochin China 002013 GMaj No
Cotillon (Lewes) 002212 GMaj No
Curly Haired Ploughboy, The 011967 DMaj No
Dark Girl Dressed In Blue (Lewes) 002450 GMaj No
Dashing White Sergent(Lewes) 002467 DMaj No
Davy Davy/Knick Knack (Lewes version) 002474 GMaj No
Dingle Regatta (Lewes) 012025 GMaj No
Donkey Riding 002747 DMaj No
Double Lead Through 002809 GMaj No
Down With The French (C) 002824 CMaj No
Down With The French (D) 000007 DMaj No
Down With The French (G) 012217 GMaj No
Enrico (Lewes) 003122 DMaj No
Family Jig 003245 DMaj No
Fiery Clock Face (Lewes) 003404 DMaj No
Flowers Of Edinburgh (Lewes) 014581 GMaj No
Foggy Dew (Lewes) 003556 GMaj Yes
Foul Weather Call 003607 DMaj No
French Assembly 003669 GMaj No
From Night Till Morn 003697 GMaj No
Garry Owen (Lewes) 003774 DMaj No
George Green's Slow (College HP) 003810 GMaj No
Grandfather's Dance 014818 DMaj No
Grandmothers Dance 004079 GMaj No
Harper's Frolic 004340 DMaj No
Haste To The Wedding (Lewes) 004365 DMaj Yes
Heel and Toe Polka (Lewes) 012455 GMaj No
Hot Punch 004656 GMaj No
Hunt The Squirrel (Lewes A version) 012547 AMaj No
Hunt The Squirrel (Lewes G version) 000009 GMaj No
Huntsman's Chorus (Lewes) 004749 GMaj No
Jack Come Kiss Me Now 005138 GMaj No
Jacky Tar 005181 GMaj No
Jenny Lind Polka(Lewes) 005230 DMaj No
Jig(Welch Family) 005269 Gmaj No
Johnny Micky Barry (A version) 005423 AMaj No
Johnny Micky Barry (G version) 005430 GMaj No
Kafoozalum (Lewes) 005544 GMaj No
Keel Row, The(Lewes) 005573 Gmaj No
Kingston Hornpie 005685 GMaj No
Knutsford 005746 GMaj No
La Russe 005777 GMaj No
Lady Anne Hope's Reel 005804 GMaj No
Lemmy Brazil's No 1 005998 GMaj No
Lemmy Brazil's No 2 012932 Dmaj No
Lemonville Jig 005999 DMaj No
Litchfield Tatoo 006114 GMaj No
Maggie In The Wood(Lewes) 013068 Gmaj No
Man In The Moon 006519 GMaj No
Michael Turner's Jig 013144 Gmaj No
Michael Turner's Waltz 013143 GMaj No
Morgan Ratler 006971 Dmaj No
Morpeth Rant(Lewes) 006979 DMaj No
Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose 007226 GMaj No
New Rigged Ship, The 007318 Gmaj No
New Sylph 007305 GMaj No
News of the Victory 007334 Gmaj No
Nutley Waltz 007448 GMaj No
Old Rosin The Beau 007680 Gmaj No
Over The Hills And Far Away 007826 GMaj Yes
Oyster Girl (Lewes) 007849 GMaj No
Paddy Carey 007861 GMaj No
Perfect Cure, The 008051 DMaj No
Pretty Maggie Morrisey 013577 GMaj No
Quaker 008398 GMaj No
Rakes of Mallow (Lewes) 008479 GMaj No
Red Wing (Lewes) 008605 GMaj Yes
Redowa Polka 013616 GMaj No
Rig A Jig 008683 GMaj No
Rinkatink (Tink-a-Tink) 008687 GMaj No
Rochdale Coconut Dance 008747 GMaj No
Rogue's March, The 008772 GMaj No
Runcorn (Monas Delight) 013686 GMaj No
Salmon Tails Up The Water (Lewes) 009003 GmAJ No
Scan Testers No 1 009066 GMaj No
Scan Testers No 2 009073 GMaj No
Sherborne Waltz 009320 GMaj No
Sloe 009492 DMaj No
Smash The Windows (Lewes) 013830 DMaj No
Soldier's Joy (Lewes) 009531 DMaj No
Spaniard 009629 GMaj No
Speed the Plough (Lewes A) 009667 AMaj No
Speed The Plough (Lewes D) 008158 DMaj No
Speed The Plough (Lewis G) 005123 GMaj No
St Anne's Reel (Lewes) 009698 DMaj No
Star Of The County Down (Lewes) 009732 GMaj Yes
Steam-boat Hornpipe 009751 GMaj No
Sussex Bonny Breast Knot 009865 GMaj No
Sweets Of May 009930 GMaj No
Tank, The 010010 GMaj No
Tarpaulin Jacket, The 010024 GMaj Yes
Tekili 014021 DMaj No
Three Around Three 010191 GMaj No
Tipsy Parson, The 010262 DMaj No
Trip to Brighton 010429 Gmaj No
Triumph 010412 GMaj No
Uncle Bernard's Polka 010555 GMaj No
Uncle's Jig 010528 GMaj No
Untitled Polka(Lewes) 014244 DMaj No
Villagers, The 010641 GMaj No
Walter Bulwers No 1 010708 GMaj No
Walter Bulwers No 2 014303 DMaj No
Waterloo Dance 010760 DMaj No
Weaver's March 010832 DMaj No
Welch's 4-part Polka 010861 GMaj No
Winster Gallop (Lewes) 011178 GMaj No
Woodland Revels 011232 GMaj No

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