Traditional Pub Session Tunes Part 2
(John Smedley's Choice)

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John Smedley was a concertina and keyboard player and well known figure around pub music sessions and folk music events in the South of England. This selection of tunes is a selection taken from his tune book.

Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)

Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
29th Of May, The 000005 DMaj No
Aiken Drum 000183 AMaj Yes
All Those Endearing Young Charms 000251 GMaj No
Astley's Ride 000486 DMaj No
Astleys Hornpipe 000487 GMaj No
Big Ship, The 000922 GMaj No
Blackthorn Stick, The 001035 GMaj No
Blaydon Races 001046 DMaj Yes
Boatie Rows, The 001123 DMaj Yes
Bonnets So Blue 001195 DMaj No
Bonnets So Blue (C) 011705 CMaj No
Bonny Breast Knot 001234 DMaj No
Boys Of Wexford, The 001334 GMaj Yes
Brighton Camp (4 part version) 001413 GMaj Yes
Britches Full Of Stitches 001435 AMaj No
Captain Lachlan MacPhail 001691 AMaj No
Cavan Buck 001786 BMin No
Chicken On The Fence Post 001882 GMaj No
Coconut Dance 002035 DMaj No
Connaughtman's Rambles 002155 DMaj No
Corn Rigs 011938 DMaj No
Denis Murphy's 002553 DMaj No
Devil Among The Tailors 002587 AMaj No
Dingle Regatta 002641 GMaj No
Don Tremaine's Reel 002713 DMaj No
Drunken Sailor, (HP 5 part version) 002891 ADor Yes
Durham Rangers 002955 DMaj No
East Neuk Of Fife 003008 GMaj No
Egan's 003046 GMaj No
Enrico /Jacob 005180 DMaj No
Farewell To Whisky 003300 DMaj No
Fiery Clock Fyece 003402 GMaj No
Fishers Hornpipe 003480 DMaj No
Flowers Of Edinburgh (Athole) 000498 GMaj No
Friendly Visit, The 003679 GMaj No
Frost Is All Over (A) 003700 AMaj No
Frost Is All Over (D) 003699 DMaj No
Frost Is All Over (G) 012254 GMaj No
Galopede 003732 GMaj No
Girl With The Blue Dress On, The 003876 GMaj No
Goodbye Girls I'm Going To Boston 004034 GMaj No
High Level Hornpipe 004515 GMaj No
Hunt The Squirrel 004743 AMaj No
J B Milne 005125 AMaj No
John Peel 005372 AMaj Yes
John Ryan's 005378 DMaj No
Katie's Rambles 005564 DMaj No
Knick-knack 005731 GMaj No
La Russe 005777 GMaj No
Lady In The Boat 005809 DMaj No
Lady Mary Douglas 005821 DMaj No
Lady Of The Lake, The (Irish) 005833 GMaj Yes
Lilli Bulero 006061 GMaj Yes
Madame Bonaparte 006418 GMaj No
Mairi's Wedding 006485 DMaj No
Manchester 006523 DMaj No
Merch Megan 006735 GMaj No
Mona's Delight 006932 GMaj No
Morris Off 006977 GMaj No
My Love Is But A Lassie 007176 GMaj No
Navvie On The Line 007248 GMaj No
Northern Lights 007410 DMaj No
Nutting Girl 007444 AMaj No
Off To California 013383 GMaj No
Orange And Blue 007771 DMaj No
Over The Hills 013473 EMin No
Oyster Girl (2 part version) 007848 GMaj No
Paddy Whack 007919 GMaj No
Polygon, The 008239 DMaj No
Pretty Peggy Morrisey 008312 GMaj No
Quaker's Wife (2 part D version) 008397 DMaj No
Quaker's Wife (3 part) 008396 GMaj No
Quigley's Reel 008445 DMaj No
Redwing (D version) 008600 DMaj Yes
Road To Dundee 008712 GMaj Yes
Roxburgh Castle (A) 008892 AMaj No
Salmon Tails 009002 GMaj No
Scottish Circassian Circle 009132 GMaj No
Shebag Shebong 009281 DMaj No
Sheffield Hornpipe 009291 DMaj No
Sir Roger De Coverley 009429 GMaj No
Soldier's Joy 009537 DMaj No
St Anne's 009695 DMaj No
Steamboat Hornpipe 009752 GMaj No
Stool Of Repentance 009783 GMaj No
Swallow Tail, The 009870 GMaj No
Sylph, The 009942 DMaj No
Trip To London, The 010394 DMaj No
Tripping Upstairs 010411 DMaj No
Walter Bulliver 010706 GMaj No
Waterloo 014316 GMaj No
White Heather Jig 011049 GMaj No
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel 011154 DMaj No

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