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Political, Solidarity, Workers and Union Songs - 550+ lyrics with PDF for printing.

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Many of the songs on this site are in the public domain or traditional categories, however this cannot be guaranteed, and should you wish to use them as a basis of a performance or for any non-personal study purpose you are advised to contact the copyright holders (where available, copyright info has been included with the song). These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction, and as such are liable to great variation in interpretation and opinion. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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A Dream A Little Girl With Her Father Stayed A Little Talk With Golden A Mans A Man For A That A Parody On Jd A Rebel Song A Song For 1910 A Song Of The Sea A Wobbly Good And True Af Of L Sympathy Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round CRD All For The Cause All Hell Cant Stop Us All Men Are Brothers All Through The Night All Used Up All Work Together Amnesia Among Proddy Dogs And Papes Ancient Jewish Lullaby Anthem Of The Ilgwu Are You A Wobbly Are You Poor Forlorn And Hungry Arise You Prisoners Of Starvation Awake You Sleeping Workers Back To Work Ballad For Americans Ballad Of Ira Hayes Banks Of Marble Battle Hymn Of The New Socialist Party Battle Hymn Of Toil Beans Bacon And Gravy Beans In My Ears Bella Ciao Big Joe Bill Brown Was A Worker In A Great Big Shop Blowin In The Wind Boom Went The Boom Boot Has To Die Bread And Roses Bread Break Your Back For The Boss Bring Back Wisconsin To Me CRD Bring The Good Old Red Book Boys Brothers To Light And To Freedom Bump Me Into Parliament Canoe Song Casey Jones The Union Scab Chain Store Daisy Christians At War Chylde Owlett Class Communion Clean O Coal Not Dole Coffee An Come And Get Wise Come Comrades Come Come Join The One Big Union Do Come Rally Youth Come With Us You Workingmen Conditions They Are Bad Cooperation Is Our Aim Courage And Honor To Him Whos Jailed Cream Of Mush Czar Of All Czars Dan Mcgann Daughter Will You Marry Deep River Destitution Road Didnt My Lord Deliver Daniel Die Gedanken Sind Frei Dixie Doing The Reactionary Dont Sign Up For War Dont Take My Papa Away From Me Dont You Push Me Down Down In Lawrence Massachusetts Down In The Old Dark Mill Drill Ye Tarriers Drill Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes Dump The Bosses Off Your Back El Fusilado Emancipation Day Song Enola Gay Everett November Fifth Everybody Loves Saturday Night Everybodys Joining It Everyone I Know Farewell Frank Little Farewell Joe Farewell To Whisky Fellow Workers Cant You Hear Fellow Workers Pay Attention Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks For A That And A That Four Little Angels Of Peace From Slavery To Freedom Funeral Song Of A Russian Revolutionist General Ludds Triumph General Strike Song Gesundheit Mr Wob Get Thee Behind Me Satan Glory Day Go Down Moses Goin Away Going To Study War No More Gone Are The Days When The Master Class Could Say Gone Are The Days Good Bye Dollars; I Must Leave You

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