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Political, Solidarity, Workers and Union Songs - 550+ lyrics Political, Solidarity, Workers and Union Songs - 550+ lyrics Political, Solidarity, Workers and Union Songs - 550+ lyrics
Political Songs are commonly songs that protest against perceived social injustice and call for some social change. They are often topical - referring to some current events. Protest movements and their songs have existed since the earliest times (and include biblical examples) but the songs here relate to more modern concepts of social justice starting in the 18th century and roughly time coincident with the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840). Interestingly, the theme of human exploitation or perpetration of injustice on one group by another is still the most common but modern political song themes are more expansive and include slavery, women's rights, workers rights, human rights, civil rights, anti-war, counterculture, feminism, sexual discrimination, gay rights, animal rights, environmentalism and many others. Political songs are often parodies or reworded popular or folk songs and can be considered to be a form of folk song. However, there are also example of songs created by professional musicians to support particular causes.

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A Dream
A Little Girl With Her Father Stayed
A Little Talk With Golden
A Mans A Man For A That
A Parody On Jd
A Rebel Song
A Song For 1910
A Song Of The Sea
A Wobbly Good And True
Af Of L Sympathy
Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round CRD
All For The Cause
All Hell Cant Stop Us
All Men Are Brothers
All Through The Night
All Used Up
All Work Together
Among Proddy Dogs And Papes
Ancient Jewish Lullaby
Anthem Of The Ilgwu
Are You A Wobbly
Are You Poor Forlorn And Hungry
Arise You Prisoners Of Starvation
Awake You Sleeping Workers
Back To Work
Ballad For Americans
Ballad Of Ira Hayes
Banks Of Marble
Battle Hymn Of The New Socialist Party
Battle Hymn Of Toil
Beans Bacon And Gravy
Beans In My Ears
Bella Ciao
Big Joe
Bill Brown Was A Worker In A Great Big Shop
Blowin In The Wind
Boom Went The Boom
Boot Has To Die
Bread And Roses
Break Your Back For The Boss
Bring Back Wisconsin To Me CRD
Bring The Good Old Red Book Boys
Brothers To Light And To Freedom
Bump Me Into Parliament
Canoe Song
Casey Jones The Union Scab
Chain Store Daisy
Christians At War
Chylde Owlett
Class Communion
Clean O
Coal Not Dole
Coffee An
Come And Get Wise
Come Comrades Come
Come Join The One Big Union Do
Come Rally Youth
Come With Us You Workingmen
Conditions They Are Bad
Cooperation Is Our Aim
Courage And Honor To Him Whos Jailed
Cream Of Mush
Czar Of All Czars
Dan Mcgann
Daughter Will You Marry
Deep River
Destitution Road
Didnt My Lord Deliver Daniel
Die Gedanken Sind Frei
Doing The Reactionary
Dont Sign Up For War
Dont Take My Papa Away From Me
Dont You Push Me Down
Down In Lawrence Massachusetts
Down In The Old Dark Mill
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Dump The Bosses Off Your Back
El Fusilado
Emancipation Day Song
Enola Gay
Everett November Fifth
Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Everybodys Joining It
Everyone I Know
Farewell Frank Little
Farewell Joe
Farewell To Whisky
Fellow Workers Cant You Hear
Fellow Workers Pay Attention
Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks
For A That And A That
Four Little Angels Of Peace
From Slavery To Freedom
Funeral Song Of A Russian Revolutionist
General Ludds Triumph
General Strike Song
Gesundheit Mr Wob
Get Thee Behind Me Satan
Glory Day
Go Down Moses
Goin Away
Going To Study War No More
Gone Are The Days When The Master Class Could Say
Gone Are The Days
Good Bye Dollars; I Must Leave You
Hail The Glorious Golden City
Hail The Hero Workers
Hallelujah Im A Bum
Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire
Hard Travelin
Hark The Battle Cry Is Ringing
Harolds Best Men
Harvest Hands
Harvest Land
Harvest War
Have You Been To Jail For Justice CRD
He Built The Road
He Fades Away
Heirs Of Time
Her Majesty
Hey Ho Nobody Home
Hey Polly
Hold The Fort
Hold The Line
Holiday March
Howdy Doo
Hymn Of The Soviet Union
Hymn To Riego
I Didnt Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
I Dont Want Your Millions Mister
I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night
I Got A Robe
I Had A Job Once Threshing Wheat
I Just Want To Sing Your Name
I Remember Loving You
I Wander Up And Down The Street
I Want To Free Miss Liberty
I Wear A Pitchfork
I Went To The Country
If I Had A Hammer CRD
If I Had A Hammer
If My Old Woman Were A Potters Wheel
If You All Will Shut Your Trap
If You Dam Up The River Of Progress
Ill Remember You
Im A Better Anarchist Than You
Im Just Nuts About You
Im Labor
Im Stickin To The Union CRD
Im Too Old To Be A Scab
In Lawrence When The Starving Masses
In Memory
In The Cold Old Wintertime
In The Days Of 49
In The Evening By The Moonlight
In This Blessed Land Of Freedom
Industrial Unionism Speaks To Toilers Of The Sea
It Aint Necessarily So
It Could Be A Wonderful World
It Is The Union
It Is Up To You
It Isn't Nice CRD
Its A Long Way Down To The Bread Line
Its A Long Way Down To The Soup Line
Its Better With A Union Man
Ive Got The Nerve To Be In Love
Ive Heard The Workers Sing
Iww Prison Song
Jakie And Andy
Jarama Valley
Jerry Go And Oil That Car
Jesus Christ Was A Man
Joe Hill Ashes
Joe Hill In Jail
Joe Hill
John Browns Body
John Ds Soliloquy
John Henry
John Maclean March
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize CRD
Kevin Barry
La Marseillaise
Labors Dixie
Land Of My Fathers
Larimer Street
Lazy Bones
Let Us All Speak Our Minds
Lets Get Together
Lets Line Up Bill
Liberty Forever
Little Boxes
Loch Lomond
Lonely Road
Long Haired Preachers Come Out Every Night
Making The Camps Like Home
Manhattan Street Cries
March Of The United Nations
March On In The Egypt Land
Masters Beware
May Day Song
Meet Me In The Jungles Louie
Men Of The Soil
Mene Mene Tekel
Might Is Right
Mister Block
Mourn Not The Dead
Mr Slave Mr Slave Listen To The Call
Music By Fred Fischer
Music By George W Meyer
Music By Lee S Roberts
My Curly Headed Baby
My Last Will
My Old Kentucky Home
My Wandering Boy
National Anathem
Nearer My Job To Thee
No Half Measures
No More Auction Block For Me
No More Mourning
Nobody Knows The Trouble I See
Nobody Makes A Pass At Me
Not Cricket To Picket
Not In Dumb Resignation
Not Ready To Make Nice
November Nineteenth
Now Workingmen You Know You Live A Life Of Misery
O Tortured And Broken
Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
Oh No John
Oh Say Can You Hear
Oh Scott Walker CRD
Oh Shenandoah
Oh Susannah
Ol Man River
Old Black Joe
Old Buddy Goodnight
Old Folks At Home
On The Picket Line
On Wisconsin CRD
One Big Industrial Union
One Big Union For Two
One Day As I Lay Dreaming
One Day As I Was Walking Along The Railroad Track
One Little Girl Fair As A Pearl
One More River To Cross
Onward Brothers
Onward Christian Soldiers
Onward One Big Union
Out In The Bread Line
Outa Work Blues
Overalls And Snuff
Paint Er Red
Parasites In This Fair Country
Pastures Of Plenty
Pat Works On The Railway
Pauly Lyons
Phoebe Snow
Planting Rice
Playing For The Traffic
Please Give Me Your Attention
Please Mr Boss
Poverty Knock
Preface To International Workers Songbook
Pretty Boy Floyd The Outlaw
Put It On The Ground
Put Your Finger
Quite Early Morning
Race You Down The Mountain
Raggedy Raggedy
Railroading On The Great Divide
Riches And Rags
Ride A Fast Horse
Rock A Bye Baby
Roll Out The Recall CRD
Roll The Union On CRD
Room For One
Root Hog And Die
Rye A Rye A Riddy Oh
Saccos Letter To His Son
Saint Louis Blues
Scandalize My Name
Scissor Bill
Scofield Mine Disaster
Scotty We're Comin' For You CRD
Ship Out
Shortnin Bread
Should I Ever Be A Soldier
Shut Them Down
Simple Song Of Freedom
Sing A Song In Praise Of Toiling Masses
Sing Me A Song With Social Significance
Sitting On Your Status Quo
Sixteen Tons
Sleep Eye
Solidarity CRD
Solidarity Forever CRD
Solidarity Forever
Some Day A Silent Guard
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Song Of The Guaranteed Wage
Song Of The Scissorbill
Song Of The Volga Boatmen
Song On The Times
Sons Of Toil And Danger
Spring Song
Stand Up Stand Up Ye Workers
Stand Up Ye Toilers Why Crouch Ye Like Cravens
Stand Up Ye Workers
Steal Away
Step Step
Stick Em Up
Stung Right
Suassos Lane
Sunday In The Park
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay
Take And Hold
Take This Hammer
Ten Little Craft Unions
Ten Little Sweatshops
That Cause
That Old Red Button
That Sabo Tabby Kitten
That Tumble Down Shack
The Abolitionist Hymn
The Advancing Proletaire
The Ant And The Grasshopper
The Bad Squire
The Ballad Of John Henry
The Banner Of Labor
The Battle Hymn Of The Workers
The Big Question
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
The Blanket Stiff
The Bonehead Working Fool
The Boss
The Bosses Will In Slavery Hold You
The Call
The Chain Gang
The Chartist Anthem
The Child Slaves
The Commonwealth Of Toil
The Cruel War
The Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
The Cutty Wren
The Dark Eyed Sailor
The Dawn Of Freedom
The Day That The Boys Came Down
The Day The Nazi Died
The Diggers Song
The Dollar Alarm Clock
The Dream Of A Millionaire
The Eight Hour Day Song
The Eight Hour Song
The Everett County Jail
The Fair Flower Of Northumberland
The Farmer And Workers Song
The Farmer Is The Man
The Flood And The Storm
The Four Insurgent Generals
The Four Rivers
The Girl Question
The Good Old Wobbly Band
The Harvesters
The Hope Of The Ages
The House I Live In
The Housemaids Defiance
The Idris Strike Song
The Industrial Workers Of The World
The Internationale
The Jobites Lament
The Koch Song CRD
The Lads Of The Blf
The Land Of The Noonday Night
The Little Red Hen Song
The Little Red Hen
The Long Long Fight
The Long Resolution
The Lumberjacks Prayer
The Man That Waters The Workers Beer
The March Of The Hungry Men
The Master Class Are Feeling Fine
The Merchants Son
The Message From Oer The Sea
The Minstrel Boy
The More We Work Together
The Mysteries Of A Hobos Life
The New Solidarity Forever
The Ninety And Nine
The Oath
The Old Chiseller
The Old Farm Home
The Old Toilers Message
The Optimistic Laborites
The Parasites
The Peat Bog Soldiers
The Popular Wobbly
The Portland Revolution
The Preacher And The Slave
The Proletariat
The Purest Kind Of A Guy
The Rebel Girl
The Red Feast
The Red Flag
The Revolution
The Rich Man And The Poor Man
The Riddle Song
The Road To Dundee
The Road To Emancipation
The Roll Call
The Saint Patrick Battalion
The Scarlet Banner
The Siege Of Union Street
The Smashing Of The Van
The Song Of Freedom
The Song Of The Rail
The Soup Song
The Stevedore And The Boss
The Suckers Sadly Gather
The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away
The Telling Takes Me Home
The Tragedy Of Sunset Land
The Tramp
The White Slave
The Womans Fight
The Workers Battle Cry For Freedom
The Workers Flag Is Deepest Red
The Workers Funeral Hymn
The Workers Hymn
The Workers Of The World Are Now Awaking
The Workers On The S P Line
The Workers So They Say
The Workingmans Crime
The World Goes On
The World Turned Upside Down
The Worn Out Slave
The Young Guards
There Are Ninety And Nine That Work And Die
There Are Women Of Many Descriptions
There Is A Balm In Gilead
There Is A Bunch Of Honest Workingmen
There Is Power In A Band Of Working Folk
There Is Power In A Union CRD
There Is Power In A Union
There Is Power In The Earth
Theres A Bright Way To Freedom
These Things Shall Be
They Are All Fighters
They Go Wild Over Me
Theyll Soon Ring Out
Theyve Shot Joe Hill His Life Has Fled
This Land Is Not Our Land
This Land Is Your Land CRD
This Land Is Your Land Uk Version
This Land Is Your Land
Though They Promise
Three Shining Stars
Tie Em Up
Tinker In The Lum
To Everyone In All The World
To Frank H Little
To My Little Son
Top Of The World Ol� Ol� Ol�
Trouble In Mind
True Freedom
Two Good Men
Union Maid
Union Train
Unite Unite
United Front Song
Up From Your Knees Ye Cringing Serfmen
Up From Your Knees
Up Socialist Comrades
Victor Jara Of Chile
Wabash Cannonball
Wage Workers Come Join The Union
Wake Up
Walking Into Battle With The Lord
Walking On The Grass
Watch Him Stew CRD
Water Boy
Ways Of A Rover
We Aint Down Yet
We Are A Gentle Angry People CRD
We Are Building
We Are Coming Home John Farmer
We Are Labor
We Are The Only Union
We Broke The Yoke Of A Pitiless Class
We Come From Out Of The Mills And Shops
We Come
We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years
We Have Seen The Reaper Toiling
We Made Good Wobs Out There
We Meet Today In Freedoms Cause
We Shall Not Be Moved CRD
We Shall Not Be Moved
We Shall Overcome CRD
We Sing America
We Want All The Workers In The World To Organize
We Welcome To Heaven
We Will Sing One Song Of The Meek And Humble Slave
We Will Sing One Song
We Will Unite
Welfare Song
Well Sing The Praise Of Future Days
Were Ready
Were Spending Billions Every Year
Wesley Everest
What Good Is Love
What We Want
When I Come Home Full Of Beer
When I Grow Up
When I Was Hiking Round The Town
When Scotty Goes Marching Home Again CRD
When The Unions Inspiration
When We Make Peace CRD
When Wilt Thou Save Thy People
When You Wear That Button
Where Are You Now
Where The Fraser River Flows
Which Side Are You On CRD
Which Side Are You On
Whirlwinds Of Danger
Wholl Buy
Wild Rover Again
Workers Memorial Song
Workers Of England
Workers Of The World Awaken
Workers Of The World Unite
Workers Shall The Masters Rule Us
Workers The World
Workers Together
Working Folk Come Organize
Working Folk Do You Hear
Working Folk Unite
Working Folk You Are Called Upon
Working Folk
Workmens Circle Hymn
Would You Have Freedom From Wage Slavery
Wpa Lullaby
Yankee Go Home
Ye Sons Of Toil Awake To Glory
Yellow Ribbon
Yes Well Rally From The Mines Boys
You Aint Done Nothing If You Aint Been Called A Red
You Cant Stop The March Of The Toilers
You May Ramble Round The Country Anywhere You Will
You Souls Of Boston
Youve Got To Go Down

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