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102                       The Play-Party in Indiana.
b. It is obvious that the dance directions for this cannot be related with the words or with the music. The length of the song will be determined by the number of players and this may be six or any even number above six. Longways dance.
1.     All form in two lines, boys in one, girls in the other and part­ners facing, with a space of six steps between them. The first couple join and lead down the middle. They have promenade position but the walking step is generally used. At the bottom they swing and lead back again to position.
2.     The first boy and girl simultaneously cast off and each is followed by his or her line. Partners meet at the bottom and promenade in line up through the middle and resume position.
3.     The first couple advance and join hands above their heads to form an arch. The bottom couple followed by the couple next to them and so forth, promenade up through the center, then under the arch and cast off. Couple 2 passes through the arch last and instead of casting off, they form the arch. Couple 1 then passes under and casts off. Repeat the figure with couples 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, . . . respectively forming the arch. After the last couple has made the arch all are in the original order and promenade back to their original places.
Weevily Wheat.
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