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The Play-Party in Indiana.
"The Old Woman of Slapsadam," to which the one given above is doubtless related. I have also a ballad of this same name which contains eight stanzas. It has a syllable refrain and an entirely different tune. Professor Tolman cites two variants, one con­tributed to Child by William Walker of Aberdeen in the Child MSS. (Harvard College Library, vol. ii, p. 216 "The Wife of Kelso)" another Scottish copy given by Gavin Grieg xii "The Wily Auld Carle."
                   Thus the Farmer Sows His Seed.
1.    Thus the farmer sows his seed, And takes his ease,
2.    Stamps his foot and 3 claps his hands,
4.    And turns clear round again.
5.    Come my love and go with me, And I will take good care of thee,
6.    I am too young, I am not fit,
I cannot leave my mamma yet.
7.    You're old enough, you are just right.
I asked your mamma last Saturday night.
Miss Rena Bushing, Johnson Tp.
b. All join hands to form a circle, each girl being at the right of her partner during 1. At 2, each stamps his right foot and at 3, each claps his hands. At 4, each makes a complete turn to the right. At 5, partners promenade. During 6, the girls pass their partners by the left, then join hands to make a circle inside that of the boys, and circle left. At 7, each girl turns right, takes the right hand of her partner, passes him by the right, and skips on to the right of the boy at her partner's right, with whom she promenades.
Repeat from the beginning with this new partner. Continue repeating until each girl has had for partner every one of the boys and is back with her original partner.
c.-d. Hofer. Children's Singing Games, p. 22, stanza 1.
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