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The Play-Party in Indiana.                         91
Star Promenade.
Mrs. Leslie Beall, Versailles, Ind.
2. 3.
Six ladies to the center with the right hands crossed,
Be a careful that you don't get lost.
Back to the left and don't be afraid,
Pass your partner with the Star Promenade.
My old girl went back on me,
Just because I went to sea, [My old girl went away last fall, [Break and swing and promenade all.
b. Circle dance for six couples.
Girls form a circle. Each girl crosses her right hand with the girl opposite her to form a star. The boys join hands forming a circle around that of the girls, and each boy behind his partner.
During 1, the girls, in star position, circle left to position in front of partner. At 2, girls form star with left hands and circle right and again return to original position in front of partner.
At 3, each girl gives her right hand to her partner, passes by his right and on to the boy on her partner's right with whom she promenades during 3. At 4, they drop hands, then take position and swing once, then promenade.
Repeat all from the beginning with this new partner.
Continue repeating until each girl has had for partner every one of the boys, i. e., the figure is gone through six times.
The entire performance is then repeated from the beginning, the boys and girls having exchanged places.
The words during the second performance are changed to agree, "Six boys (or gents) in the center with the right hand crossed," etc., and stanza two becomes:
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