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88                         The Play-Party in Indiana.
token to the witness of their mutual consent to the contract.62 As a further proof of the antiquity of the formula as an outcome of the early marriage ceremony, she notes the fact that the words of the marriage formula are always sung to the same tune although it is attached to a number of different game-songs whose melodies have no connection.
This fact is also true of the marriage formula of the American children's games. The melody and the words are inseparable. There were in Ripley County other games to which this same formĀ­ula was attached, not more than fifteen years ago, but I have been unable to get them.
Six Little Girls A-Sliding Went.
Ethel Ballman
1.    Six63 little girls a-sliding went, A-sliding went, a-sliding went, Six little girls a-sliding went, So early in the morning.
2.    The ice was thin, and they broke in, And they broke in, and they
broke in.
3.    The ice was thin, and they broke in, The rest all ran away.
b. Boys stand in a circle facing in. Girls join hands to form a circle inside that of the boys, but facing the boys. During 1, girls circle left. At 2, girls break line and each swings the first boy she comes to. During 3, all get in position for the next game. Repeat from the beginning, boys and girls having exchanged places. The words are changed to correspond: Six little boys a-sliding went, etc.
62  Mrs. Gorame, Trad. Games. Vol. il, p. 170.
63  The number is not necessarily six, but is determined by the number of couples playing the game.
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