Folk-Songs and Games with Descriptive Introduction, Notes, Sheeet music & Lyrics

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82                         The Play-Party in Indiana.
:I stole a peck of potatoes,: 3 times :And they were Irish, too,: 3 times I stole a peck of potatoes, And they were Irish, too.
:I went down to Sally's house,: 3 times :Fourteen stories high,: 3 times Every room I went through, Was filled with pumpkin pie.
Mrs. Leslie Beall, Versailles, Ind.
b. Circle dance. An odd number of players is required. At 1, all excepting one, join hands, each girl at the right of her partner, and circle left. The odd player stands in the center.56
At 2, each boy turns right, each girl left. Each boy takes the left hand of his partner, passes her by the left and at 3, takes the right hand of the next girl at his right. He circles around her, and at 4 comes back and takes the left hand of his partner. At 5, he turns right and takes position for promenade. During the time of the changes at 3 and 4 the one in the center tries to get the place of one of the other players. If he succeeds the one left without a partner is in the center for the next game, if he fails he must be in the center a second or third time. During 5, partners promenade. At 6, each boy may change and swing the girl behind and at the left of him or may continue the promenade with his partner.
d. Mrs. Ames (Jour. Am. Folk-lore, vol. XXIV, p. 298) prints a variant, the tune of which is the same as that given above, in every respect excepting time. The words are of the same general character though not identical.
Mr. Edwin F. Piper (Some Play-party Games of the Middle West. Jour. Am. Folk-lore, vol. XXVIII, pp. 283-4) gives another variant.
50 When there are many players, perhaps a Dumber over twelve, there are two or three persons In the center without partners.
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