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The Play-Party in Indiana.                         79
:Circle to the left Old Dan Tucker,: 3 times Down in the valley.
:Right, left around, Old Dan Tucker,: 3 time* Down in the valley.
:Swing oh swing, Old Dan Tucker: 3 times Down in the valley.
:Promenade home, Old Dan Tucker,: 3 times Down in the valley.
Miss E. F. Laud, Shelby Tp.
b. Circle dance for an uneven number of players above four.
All, excepting one, join hands to form a circle, each boy being at the left of his partner. During 1, they circle left around the person without a partner. At 2, each boy turns right and swings his partner, at 3, he leaves her, turns, and swings the girl who was at his left. At 4, he turns back and swings his partner. At 5, partners face. Each boy takes the left hand of his partner, passes her on the left, then takes the right hand of the next girl at her right passes her on the right. Continue this "grand right and left" figure until all are in their original positions. During this last change the one in the center tries to get a partner. At 6, partners swing. The person who is left without a partner is the one in the center for the next figure.
Sing stanza 2, and chorus, repeating the figure from the beginning.
d. An interesting variant which has, I think, not been published is the following, which comes from Miss Agnes Taylor, Hearne. Texas.
Mr.--------so they say,
Goes a courtin' every day, Carries a pistol by his side, Asks Miss--------to be his bride.
Old Dan Tucker came to town, Riding a billy-goat, leading a hound. Hound gave a yelp, the goat gave a jump, Landed old Tucker straddle of a stump.
Miss Hofer. Popular Folk-Games, p. 58. This is given as an old American barn dance. She makes the interesting statement that "the common way of playing this is at present being revived in the ball-rooms." Are we at the beginning of a revival of Amer-
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