Folk-Songs and Games with Descriptive Introduction, Notes, Sheeet music & Lyrics

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The Play-Party in Indiana.                         43
beginning and at the end of this second stanza, the person, who has entered the center last, chooses the one who is next to enter. Continue repeating the figure of the game with each new stanza, c. The refrain in Texas is "High-o-cherry-o," and in Louisiana, "High-o-Maderio," instead of "High-o-merry-o." "The Farmer in the Dell," is popular as a school-ground game for little children in Ripley County now, but as I knew it, it was "The Farmer in the Well."
This is printed as a song game in "Graded Games and Rhyth­mic Exercises" by Marion B. Newton, p. 9.
Getting Married.
1.    Herestandsayoungcouple Joined heart and hand. It's he wants a wife
And it's she wants a man. So married they will be If they can agree,
2.    And march down this aisle In peace and harmony.
3.    Now they are married, Since it is so,
Away to the war He must go.
4.    Here comes my true love, And "How do you do And how have you been Since I last saw you?"
5.    The war is o'er
And peace upon the land. We will give them welcome By the raising of our hand.
Mrs. Peter Geiling, Laurel, Ind.
b. Longways dance for any number of couples over three.
Boys stand in line opposite that of the girls, each boy facing his partner. At 1, the top couple take promenade position and during the singing of 2, promenade down through the center. At 3, she casts off to the left, he to the right and they walk slowly and mournfully back to position. At 4, they meet at the top of the lines, shake hands and kiss. At 5, each couple (excepting couple 1) advance a step, join hands and raise them high to form
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