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The Play-Party in Indiana.                         37
A boy and girl stand in the center. All of the others (irre­spective of partners) circle to the left around them, during 1. At 2, the girl chooses a boy, the boy a girl, and all four stand in the center. At 3, the two couples in the center form a circle, each boy opposite his partner. Partners cross hands forming a "star" and circle left. Repeat with left hands and circle right.
At 4, each of the boys in the center swings the contrary girl, then waltzes16 with his partner, while that stanza is repeated.
c. This game like most of the games which belong exclusively to the young people, is of American origin, so far as we can find.
16 This may seem to discredit the time of the melody but I think it is not a serious inconsistency. The music might easily be turned into 3-4 time for the last stanza and this is not so unusual. By accenting the first and third counts of the measure as it stands and by pausing on these, the change is practically accomplished. Another informant says that the two couples in the center two-step. Both statements, I think are probably true to the game as it is played in each particular locality.
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