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28                         The Play-Party in Indiana.
Another variant is that of Miss Alice Delay, Brown Tp.
Captain Jinks came home last night; He clapped his hands with all his might, Brings his lady to the right, For that's the style in the army.
Join hands and circle left: 3 times For that's the style in the army.
Captain Jinks came home last night, The gentleman passes to the right, And swings his lady once around, For that's the style in the army.
b. The manner of playing necessarily varies with the words. Circle dance for any number of couples above two.
All join hands and form a circle, each girl being two places to the right of her partner. At 1, circle left. At 2, all drop hands; the boys face to the fight, girls to the left. Each boy with his left hand takes the left hand of the girl at his right, passes her, and at 3, reaches his partner with whom he promenades. At 4, all return to original positions.
The figure below represents the position at the end of 3 (x-boys, o-girls). In order to recover the original position each boy moves back to the left of the girl behind him, as lines x to x show.
c.     G. M. Miller (Univ. Stud, of Univ. of Cincinnati, vol. 1, p. 31) refers to this as being more recent than "Weevily Wheat" and 'Top Goes the Weasel."
d.     Mrs. Ames' variant (Missouri Play-Party, Jour. Am. Folk­lore, vol. XXIV, p. 308) is longer, and is evidently more complex in figure. The words resemble those which were known in a New
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