Folk-Songs and Games with Descriptive Introduction, Notes, Sheeet music & Lyrics

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26                         The Play-Party in Indiana.
2.    O, how I love her, 'Aint that a shame?
3.    O, how I love her,
4.    (A) Goodby Liza Jane.
b.     Circle dance for two couples.
Join hands to form a circle, partners facing each other, and circle left during 1. At 2, partners cross their right hands to form a "star." At 3, each boy swings the girl at his right. At 4, partners swing.
c.     The words were given by Miss Rena Bushing of Johnson Tp. Mrs. Frank Brinson, Correct, Ind. gives the variation, "Black your boots" for the first line.
d.    The play-party song given by Miss Hamilton (Jour. Am. Folk­lore, vol. XXIV, p. 296) as "So Goodby Susan Jane," resembles this, but it has three stanzas and a chorus.
The ballad, "Liza Jane," from North Carolina (Jour. Am. Folk-lore, vol. VI, pp. 133-34) is long and resembles this game in name only.
The play-party game which Mrs. Ames calls "Shiloh" (Jour. Am. Folk-lore, vol. XXIV, p. 317) has the same refrain as this and the music is of the same rhythm though with different intervals in the melody.
I am told by a girl from Louisiana that this is a children's game there, and by another informant that it is a well known ballad in Dallas, Texas.
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