PLAYING THE RECORDERS - online tutorial

How to Play The Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass Recorders, full online instruction.

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The Treble (i)
The fingerings for the notes on the sopraoino recorder, which is not so widely used as the other instruments, are the same as those for the treble. Most of the statements made about the treble may therefore be taken to apply to the sopranino.
There is a similarity, not at first apparent to the beginner, between the fingerings of all the instruments. If all the holes on the descant are covered the note produced is C, but if all the holes on the treble are covered the note produced is F. That is, the note produced on the treble is a perfect fifth lower than that produced on the descant. This is true of all the correspondĀ­ing fingerings on the two instruments; the same fingerings on the two instruments will produce notes which are a perfect fifth lower on the treble than on the descant. The chromatic scale on the two instruments would be produced therefore by exactly the same fingerings, but the lowest note on the descant would be C whilst the lowest note on the treble would be F.
Keeping this fact in mind, it will be found that it is not as difficult as at first sight might appear to learn both sets of fingerings. It is worth persevering to do this, even for the beginner, as the pleasure of playing is more than doubled when one can play two instruments. Moreover, once the two sets of fingerings are learned it is possible to play all the instruments.
For the sake of convenience, the corresponding notes on the
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