PLAYING THE RECORDERS - online tutorial

How to Play The Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass Recorders, full online instruction.

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The Descant (3; 17. Further Finmrinas
Upper Eb is another of the few notes produced without covering the thumb-hole. It is not an easy note for the beginner to play since so many fingers are involved.
To play lower Eb and lower C# the tiny holes at the lower end of the recorder have to be used. These two notes are not often needed in recorder music, though they should be known.
Sometimes the same note can be produced in two different ways. In example 17 two different ways of fingering Bnat are given. The alternative fingering is very useful when slurring B and C together. To do this using the ordinary fingering for Bnat tends to produce a little unwanted note unless the finger movement is done very neatly. The general rule in slurring notes is to move as few fingers as possible and this often deĀ­mands a knowledge of alternative fingerings. Some players however do not approve of this alternative fingering for B for slurs and like it used only in trills and mordents.
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