The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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So many enquiries having been made, how the teachings of "The Act of Touch" should be practically applied, and as to the best plan for commencing instruction in the Facts of Touch as therein described, the following advice is tendered, an out­line for first lessons, which, although perhaps the best, logically, need not be strictly adhered to; and indeed should be modi­fied to suit each individual case.
In dealing with adults, it is best to devote the first two, three (or more) lessons to a general consideration of the main principles and laws which must be obeyed during Practice and Performance if one would succeed technically and musically.-
Experiment at the instrument itself, both by teacher and pupil, should constantly accompany this description and out­line of these main facts. At the end of each of these first les­sons, the teacher should jot down a few questions on the points explained, and should request the pupil to supply answers to these, as best he may, by the next lesson. In this way the teacher can judge how far the pupil has really understood these explanations, and the weak points can be made good.
Although the pupil cannot be expected to grasp the full sig­nificance of these explanations and directions at once, or even to remember all the statements made, yet the general outline, thus gained, of the principal laws and facts will greatly facilitate the ultimate understanding of them and their practical applica­tion, when during subsequent lessons they are constantly brought under the pupil's notice, as they should be.
After these preliminary lessons, the actual teaching of the
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