The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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sidiary to those of correct Condition—the muscular actions and inactions required of us by the key, at the moment. Again, although we may not lose sight of this more important matter, we may so concentrate our mind on the re­quired Muscular-conditions, as to cause us to forget to apply these, accurately-timed, to the key!            And even if we do not
forget this, we shall nevertheless fail, unless we do meanwhile use the key only in response to the promptings of our Musi­cal-sense ;—for " Execution " itself should always be prompted by the performer's wish to give expression to his Musical-sight.
Hence, we must study the details of Position only for the sake of obtaining the Muscular-act at its easiest, and we must apply the latter only in answer to the resistance the keys are constantly offering us in varying measure. And while thus muscularly judging the key, we must do so solely for the sake of the Musical-effect perceived to be necessary by our musi­cal intelligence and feeling.
In short we must apply Energy to the key, only in strict response to what we feel is there needed to fulfil the Sound we musically wish at that moment.
A final Summary follows.
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