The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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104                                       ON P08ITION.
1) Two quite distinct positions of thefinger are available. The difference between the two is more noticeable when the finger is raised than when it is depressed with its key:—
2)  : The Thrusttng-finger is more bent the higher the prepara­tory raising, and it tends to unbend as it descends towards, and with, the key.
The nail-phalanx consequently remains almost vertical (per­pendicular) both in the raised and in the depressed position of the finger.           This verticality of the nail-joint must carefully
be insisted upon with the raised finger, otherwise we shall neither attain a true thrusting-touch, nor real brilliancy.
3)  : The Clingtng-iinger becomes more open, the higher its pre­liminary raising, and it tends to close upon the keys in descend­ing ; or it may even be applied to the key without any change from the preliminary flatter position, for the more extremely sympathetic tone-qualities.
4) : The tip of the finger, close to the nail, reaches the key in Thrusting-touch; whereas the fleshy part, opposite to the nail, does so in Clinging-touch. In Clinging-touch the flesh is consequently pressed against the nail, and it even tends to creep round the latter.
5)  : In Bent-attitude, the fingers should all be nearly equally roundea. But if the little-finger is abnormally short, we may be compelled to use it slightly straighter, in spite of the consequent disadvantage for thrusting-touch.
6): Ample preliminary raising of the finger is healthy, when
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