The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

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key-treatment; muscular aspect.              85
Classification of Touches. (Chapter XX.)
a) : Enumeration and Classification only become possible (and easy) if we bear in mind the main facts of Touch-construction, viz.:
i): The Resting. 2): The Added-impetus.
3): The Three distinct Species of muscular-combina­tion, or Touch-formation; and
4): The two great distinctions thence elicited: I.): Weight-initiated Touch. II.): Muscularly-initiated Touch. 5): The Distinction between Clinging and Thrusting attitudes.
b) : To attain our present object, we must review some of the potentialities of these Elements :
i): The Third Species of Muscular-combination (or Touch-formation) alone offers us (because of its two Sub­genera) the option both of Muscular-initiative and of Weight-initiative; the other Species being necessarily Muscularly-initiated.
This Third Species, as regards movement, can be ex. hibited either as Finger-touch, Hand-touch, or as Arm-touch.
2): The Second Species only offers the option between Finger-touch and Hand-touch.
3) : The First Species can only be obtained as Finger-touch.
4): The Thrusting and Clinging muscular-attitudes tend to qualify all Touch towards the Brilliant type and towards the Sympathetic type, respectively.
5): The whole of these Tone-producing Elements can be applied either under the first (Key-surface) form ot
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