The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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against the key during descent; Finger and Hand force being supplemented by Arm-weight, etc.
How these Touch-formations are used :
c): To produce the ist Species: the Arm must remain fully but elastically supported by its own muscles, and while the Arm thus floats over the key-board and supports the Wrist-end of the loose-lying Hand, the sound must be produced solely by the Finger's action against the key; such Finger-action ceasing the moment that sound is reached.
d) : To produce the 2d Species : the Arm-condition is the same as in the last, but the Hand must here act behind the Finger during key-descent: both Finger and Hand accurately ceasing to act, the moment that sound is heard to begin.
e): To produce the 3d Species: we have to add Arm-weight behind the Finger and Hand, the latter acting as in the other Species. Such lapse in Arm-support must reach its climax at the moment of sound-emission, and it, as well as the finger-and-hand actions employed, must disappear at that very moment.
The forms of Movement available :
f): The Third Species can be employed either in the form of Arm-touch (arm-movement), or Hand-touch1 (Hand-movement), or as Finger-touch (Finger-movement); all three forms of move­ment being available in this Species, since it contains all the three muscular-components.
The Second Species can only be employed either in the form of Hand-touch or as Finger-touch, since the Arm does not here change its condition during the act of tone-production.
The First Species is only available as Finger-touch, since neither Hand nor Arm should here show any change of condition during key-descent.
The speeds at which the Species are available :
g): The Third Species can however only be used, when the speed of the passage does not exceed a certain rate;—the speed
1 " Wrist-action."
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