The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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key-treatment ; muscular aspect.              66
The Required Actions and Inactions.
(Chapter XVII.)
a) : The Act of Touch implies levering weight upon the key, to cause its deflection.
b): This leverage-power is obtained:
i) by exerting the Finger,
2) by exerting the Hand in conjunction with the Finger.
c) : When the finger is exerted against the key, it bears up­wards by recoil against the Knuckle of the hand, and with equal force,
d) : The hand, when it is exerted, bears downwards upon the finger at the knuckle, and it likewise bears upwards (by reaction) with equal force—against the Arm at the Wrist- joint.
e): At the Wrist-joint, these two combined forces meet the weight of the Arm; and it is therefore the Arm that forms the Basis for the operation of the finger and hand against the key.
f) : The arm may be employed for this purpose in two distinct ways:
i) It may be self-supported by its muscles. 2) It may be left unsupported during the action of tone-production.
g): Arm-weight, if insufficient for extreme fortesy may be supplemented by a bearing-up against the Shoulder. The weight of the Shoulder and even of the Body itself thus forms the ulti­mate Basis, or Foundation. Body-force must never be employed instead.
b): All sensation, during the Act of Touch, must invariably be upwards.
This is so because all the work done reacts upwards against Weight—thus producing a stepping-up against the Knuckle and the Wrist, and even against the Shoulder in extreme cases.
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