The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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Key-Treatment from its Muscular Aspect.
The Link Between Key and MuscleOur Sense OF Key-Eesistance.
(Chapter XIII.)
a): Part II. demonstrates that each and every sound-colour— both of quality and quantity—depends on the way we move the key during each short-lived process of descent.
b): The requirements the key exhibits, differ therefore with each difference in sound-kind—sound-shading or inflection.
c): It follows that we must precisely adjust our efforts to meet these constantly varying requirements.
d): Our only means of judging what these are, is through watching the Resistance the key itself offers us, before and dur­ing each desceot,—the " giving-way point " of the key.
e): It is only by employing our " Resistance-sense" (the Mus­cular-sense and its co-operatives) that we can be apprised with certainty of these inexorable requirements of the key.
f): This sense hence forms the Link between the key-board and ourselves.
g): It is not enough to use merely the sense of. Contact or Touch, we must insist on feeling the actual resistance the key offers to our muscles before and during descent.
h): So intimate will the connection thus formed be, that finger and key will appear as one to us;—the whole leverage-system, from shoulder to hammer-end, will seem as one living lever to us.
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