The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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(Chapter X.)
a): At the Pianoforte, the requisite concussions that form sound are communicated to the atmosphere by means of to-and-fro motions (vibrations) of the String, enhanced by the Sounding-board.
b): The greater the number of such vibrations completed by the String per second, the bigber (more acute in Pitch) is the re­sulting note.
c): The greater the extent of these String vibrations, the louder is the note.
d): The string must therefore traverse space more quickly the louder the note; since the time available (in which to traverse the larger distance embraced by the more ample vibration) re­mains the same as for a softer note.
e): To produce much tone, we must therefore induce much movement in the string. For the more quickly the string is made to move, the greater will be the distance it can traverse during the course of each complete vibration. [Vide Fig. 2.]
Fig. 2.—Comparison of large with small oscillations of a pendulum; both taking same space of Time for their completion.
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