The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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ing that slight residue to hold the key down, when that is re­quired.
§ 48. It is now imperative that you should understand the rotary alternations in the state of the Fore-arm. For you cannot alternately exert the thumb-side of the hand and the little-finger side of it with an equal degree of force, unless you alter­nately relax and exert the Fore-arm in a rotary direction.
§ 49. When you allow this change in the state of the Fore­arm actually to cause a twisting of it upon itself (thus tilting the hand either towards the little finger or towards the thumb) then this act of touch, thus accompanied by a visible rocking motion, is called "rotation-touch."
But you can also alter the state of the Fore-arm in these directions without any such movement being shown, and you can help the fingers thus in producing tone, without any visible movement accompanying the constant change required in this way. Thus:—
You can support either side of the hand by means of rotary exertion, while nevertheless showing no tilting movement; in which case there will be nothing at the side of the hand held off the keys for the fingers at that side to re-act against, and these will consequently feel "weak"; but the fingers at the opposite side will gain greatly, for you can either let them have Weight (to help them towards a singing tone), or you may help them by exerting the fore-arm rotarily in their direc­tion (when you require brilliance or "passage-touch"). Hence, if you want to act strongly with the fingers at one side of the hand, you must be careful to release the fore-arm rotarily in their direction, or even to exert it rotarily to help them. Anyway, you must be careful not to allow any rotary action of the fore-arm to keep energy away from the side of the hand where it is required.
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