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From the well behind the hedge-row Now the little pail is laden.
"How they please me! how they tempt me!
Shall I snatch them up to-night ? Snatch them, set them here forever,
In the middle of my light ?
" Children, ay, and children's children, Should behold my babes on high ;
And my babes should smile forever, Calling others to the sky!"
Thus the philosophic moon-man
Muttered many years ago ; Set the babes with pole and bucket,
To delight the folks below.
Never is the bucket empty ;
Ne ver are the children old ; Ever when the moon is shining
We the children may behold.
Ever young and ever little,
Ever sweet and ever fair! When thou art a man, my darling,
Still the children 'will be there.
Ever young and ever little,
They will smile "when thou art old;
When thy locks are thin and silver, Theirs will still be shining gold.
They will haunt thee from their heaven, Softly beckoning down the gloom;
Smiling in eternal sweetness On thy cradle, on thy tomb!
If he marks one gayly blooming, Thau the rest more fair,
He will pause and gaze upon it, Full of tender care.
And the beauteous rose he gathers
In his bosom lies; But on earth are tears and sorrow,
For a dear one dies.
" The Master has come over Jordan," Said Hannah the mother one day :
" He is healing the people who throng him With a touch of his finger, they say.
"And uow I shall carry the children, Little Rachel, and Samuel, and John,
I shall carry the baby, Esther, For the Lord to look upon."
The father looked at her kindly, But he shook his head and smiled :
" Now who but a doting mother Would thiuk of a thing so wild ?
" If the children were tortured by demons,
Or dying of fever, 'twere well; Or had they the taint of the leper,
Like many in Israel."
" Nay, do not hinder me, Nathan ;
I feel such a burden of care; If I carry it to the Master,
Perhaps I shall leave it there.
" If he lay his hand on the children, My heart will be lighter, I know ;
For a blessing for ever and ever Will follow them as they go."
So over the hills of Judah,
Along by the vine-rows green, With Esther asleep on her bosom,
And Rachel her brothers between
'Mid the people who hung on his teachiug, Or waited his touch and his word,
Through the row of proud Pharisees listening. She pressed to the feet of the Lord.
Kxowest thou, Gretchen, how it happens
That the dear ones die ? God walks daily in his garden
While the sun shines high.
In that garden there are roses,
Beautiful and bright, And he gazes round, delighted
With the lovely sight.

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