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She went to the hosier's, To buy him some hose;
And when she came back,
He was dressed in his clothes.
The dame made a courtesy;
The dog made a bow. The dame said, " Your servant."
The dog said, " Bow-wow !"
This wonderful dog
Was Dame Hubbard's delight; He could sing, he could dance;
He could read, he could write.
She gave him rich dainties
Whenever he fed; And erected a monument
When he was dead.
And soon about he spurts it out,
And cries, " Oh, horrid soup!" His mother chid ; his father bid
Him from the table troop.
All in dispatch, he made a match
To run a race with Bill. " My boy," said he, " I'll win, you'll see;
I'll beat you, that I will."
With merry heart, now off they start,
Like ponies, in full speed ; Soon Bill he passed, for very fast
This Dicky ran indeed.
But, hurry all, Dick got a fall;
And, while he sprawling lay, Bill reached the post, and Dicky lost;
And Billy won the day.
" Bring here my pad," now cries the lad
Unto the servant John; " I'll mount astride, this day I'll ride;
So put the saddle on."
No time to waste, 'twas brought in haste, Dick longed to have it backed;
With spur and boot on leg and foot, His whip he loudly cracked.
The mane he grasped, the crupper clasped, And leaped up from the ground,
All smart and spruce�the girth was loose, He turned the saddle round!
Then down he came, the scoff and shame
Of all the standers by ; Poor Dick, alack! upon his back,
Beneath the horse did lie!
Still slow and sure, success secure,
And be not over quick; For method's sake, a warning take
From hasty Nimble Dick.
Jane Taylor.
My boy, be cool, do things by rule,
And then you'll do them right; A story true I'll tell to you,
'Tis of a luckless wight.
He'd never wait, was always late,
Because he was so quick; This shatter-brain did thus obtain
The name of Nimble Dick.
All in his best young Dick was dressed;
Cries he, " I'm very dry!" Though glass, and jug, and china mug,
On sideboard stood "hard by.
With skip-and-jump, unto the pump
With open mouth he goes; The water out ran from the spout,
And wetted all his clothes.
A fine tureen as e'er was seen
On dinner-table stood. Says John, « 'Tis hot." Says Dick, " 'Tis not;
I know the soup is good."
His brother bawled, " Yourself you'll scald ;
Oh, Dick, you're so uncouth!" Dick filled his spoon, and then as soon
Conveyed it to his mouth.
Mrs. Charles Heaton.
Lady Tabbyskin gave a large party last night, While we were asleep in our beds;
The pussy-cats danced in the clear moonlight, All over the tiles and leads.

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