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" Dear Mother Tabbyskins, and how are you now ? Let me feel your pulse�so, so! show your tongue
�bow-wow! Very ill, very ill! Please attempt to purr! Will you take a draught or pill�which do you
prefer V
Ah, Mother Tabbyskins ! who is now afraid ?
Of poor little Doctor Mouse you a mouthful made.
Very nice, very nice little doctor he!
But for Doctor Dog's advice you must pay the fee.
Doctor Dog comes nearer�says she must be bled. I heard Mother Tabbyskins screamiug in her bed. Very near, very near! scuffling out and in, Doctor Dog looks full and queer. Where is Tab-
� byskiu ?
I will tell the moral without any fuss : Those who lead the young astray always suffer thus. Very nice, very nice! let our conduct be, For all doctors are not mice : some are dogs, you see!
" Come along, my little chicks, I'll take a walk with you."
" Halloo!" said the barn-door cock " Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Two little kittens,
One stormy night, Began to quarrel,
And then to fight.
One had a mouse,
And the other had none; And that's the way
The quarrel begun.
" I'll have that mouse,"
Said the biggest cat. " You'll have that mouse ?
We'll see about that!"
" I will have that mouse," Said the tortoise-shell ;
And, spitting and scratching, On her sister she fell.
The old lady took The sweeping-broom,
And swept them both Right out of the room.
The ground was covered
Thick with snow; They had lost the mouse,
And had nowhere to go.
So they lay and shivered
Beside the door, Till the old lady finished
Sweeping the floor.
And then they crept in
As quiet as mice, All wet with snow,
And cold as ice ;
And found it much better,
That stormy night, To lie by the fire,
Than quarrel and fight.
Aunt Effie's Rhymes.
"Will you take a walk with me,
My little wife, to-day ? There's barley in the barley-field,
And hay-seed in the hay."
" Thank you," said the clocking hen;
" I've something else to do : I'm busy sitting on my eggs,
I can not walk with you."
" Clock, clock, clock, clock!"
Said the clocking hen : " My little chicks will soon be hatched,
I'll think about it then."
The clocking hen sat on her nest�
She made it in the hay; And warm and snug beneath her breast
A dozen white eggs lay.
Crack, crack ! went all the eggs ;
Out dropped the chickens small. " Clock !" said the clocking hen ;
" Now I have you all.

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