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SONGS FOR THE NURSERY.                                                        4L
Aunt Effie's Rhymes.
"Any grist for the mill?"
How merrily it goes! Flap, flap, flap, flap,
While the water flows. Round about and round about
The heavy millstones grind, And the dust flies all about the mill,
And makes the miller blind.
"Any grist for the mill?"
The jolly farmer packs His wagon with a heavy load
Of very heavy sacks.
"Any grist for the mill?"
How quickly it goes round! Splash, splash, sjilash, splash,
With a whirring sound. Farmers, bring your corn to-day;
And, bakers, buy your flour; Dusty millers, work away,
While it is in your power!
" Any grist for the mill ?"
Alas ! it will not go ; The river, too, is standing still;
The ground is white with snow. And when the frosty weather comes,
And freezes up the streams, The miller only hears the mill,
And grinds the corn, in dreams.
Living close beside the mill,
The miller's girls and boys Always play at make-believe,
Because they have no toys. " Any grist for our mill ?"
The elder brothers shout; While all the little petticoats
Go whirling round about.
Noisily, oh, noisily,
The millstones turn about; You can not make the miller hear,
Unless you scream and shout.
" Any grist for the mill ?"
The bakers come and go; They bring their empty sacks to fill,
And leave them down below. The dusty miller and his men
Fill all the sacks they bring; And while they go about their work,
Right merrily they sing.
The miller's little boys and girls
Rejoice to see the snow. " Good father, play with us to-day;
You can not work, you know. We will be the millstones,
And you shall be the wheel; We'll pelt each other with the snowr
And it shall be the meal."
Oh, heartily the miller's wife
Is laughing, at the door; She never saw the mill worked
So merrily before. " Bravely done, my little lads!
Rouse up the lazy wheel; For money comes but slowly in
When snow-flakes are the meal!"

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