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Adelaide Taylor.
My prayers I said, I went to bed,
And soon I fell asleep; But soon I woke, my sleep was broke,
I through the curtain peep.
I heard a noise of men and boys,
The watchman's rattle too ; And " Fire !" they cried: and then cried I,
" Oh dear! what shall I do ?"
A shout so loud came from the crowd
Around, above, below; And in the street the neighbors meet,
Who would the matter know.
Now, down the stairs run threes and pairs,
Enough to break their bones; The firemen swear, the engines tear,
And thunder o'er the stones.
The roof, and wall, and stair, and all,
And rafters tumble in; Red flames and blaze now all amaze,
And make a dreadful din!
And horrid screams, when bricks and beams Come tumbling on their heads;
And some are smashed, and some are crashed, Some leap on feather-beds!
Some burn, some choke with fire and smoke;
And oh ! what was the cause ? My heart's dismayed! Last night I played
With Tommy lighting straws!
" Tinkle ! tinkle ! tinkle!" says the little bell again; But it sounds quite far away : " If you don't buy my muffins and my cakes, it is plain I must take them home to-day."
" Give me turkey for my dinner," Said a tabby cat.
" Before yon get it you'll be thinner; Go and catch a rat,"
Said the cook, her mince-pies making. Looking fierce and red,
And a heavy roller shaking-Over pussy's head.
Hark! her kittens' shriller mewing.
" Give us pie," said they, To the cook, amid her stewing,
On Thanksgiving-day. " Pie, indeed ! You idle creatures !
Who'd have thought of that ? Wash your paws and faces neater,
And go hunt! Scat! Scat!"
So they went and did their duty,
Diligent and still; Exercise improved their beauty,
As it always will. Useful work and early rising
Brought a merry mood; And they found the cook's advising,
Though severe, was good.
Aunt Effie's Rhymes.
"Tinkle! tinkle! tinkle!" 'Tis the muffin-man you see. " Tinkle ! tinkle !" says the muffin-man's bell; "Any crumpets, any muffins, any cakes for your tea? There are plenty here to sell."
"Tinkle!" says the little bell clear and bright.
" Tinkle ! tinkle !" says the muffin-man's bell. We have had bread and milk for supper to-night,
And some nice plum-cake as well.
A kitten once to its mother said, " I'll never more be good;
But I'll go and be a robber fierce, And live in a dreary wood!
Wood ! wood ! wood ! And live in a dreary wood!"
So off it went to the dreary wood,
And there it met a cock, And blew its head, with a pistol, off,

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