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NURSERY.                                                       27
Baby Bye,
Here's a fly; Let us watch him, you and I.
How he crawls
Up the walls�
Yet he never falls! I believe, with six such legs, You and I could walk on eggs!
There he goes
On his toes,
Tickling baby's nose!
Spots of red
Dot his head, Rainbows on his back are spread!
That small speck
Is his neck :
See him nod and beck. I can show you, if you choose, Where to look to find his shoes:
Three small pairs,
Made of hairs;
These he always wears!
Black and brown
Is his gown ; He can wear it upside down.
It is laced
Round his waist:
I admire his taste. Yet though tight his clothes are made, He will lose them, I'm afraid,
If to-night
He gets a sight
Of the candle-light.
In the sun
Webs are spun. What if he gets into one ?
When it rains,
He complains
On the window-panes. Tongues to talk have you and 1; God has given the little fly
No such things;
So he sings
With his buzzing wings.
He can eat Bread and meat: There's a mouth between his feet!
On his back
Is a sack,
Like a peddler's pack. Does the baby understand ? Then the fly shall kiss her hand!
Put a crumb
On her thumb ;
Maybe he will come.
Catch him? No!
Let him go; Never hurt an insect so.
But, no doubt,
He flies out
Just to gad about. Now you see his wings of silk Drabbled in the baby's milk.
Fie ! oh, fie !
Foolish fly.
How will he get dry ?
All wet flies
Twist their thighs; Then they wipe their heads and eyes.
Cats, you know,
Wash just so;
Then their whiskers grow. Flies have hair too short to comb, So they fly bare-headed home :
But the gnat
Wears a hat:
Do you believe that ?
Flies can see
More than we� So, how bright their eyes must be!
Little fly,
Ope your eye,
Spiders are near-by! For a secret I can tell: Spiders never treat flies well!
Then away!
Do not stay :
Little fly, good-day!
Little Bopeep has lost her sheep, Aud can't tell where to find them ;
Leave them alone, and they'll come home, And bring their tails behind them.

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