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A Collection of 1000+ Old English Song Lyrics from Folk, Popular and religious genres also with PDF versions.

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Old English songs and chords

THIS COLLECTION of some 1000 Old English Song lyrics, includes song from folk, popular music, music hall and religious genres. Most of these songs originate from the 18th to early 20th century. Note there may also be different versions of some of the songs in other sections of this site.

Other sites on the Web with good collections of songs and information include: Contemplator.com Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America website English Folk Dance and Song Society (efdss) The British Library Sound Map of traditional music from all parts of the UK.

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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Below is a list of all the songs available in this section, to view the lyrics/chords choose the initial letter of the title from the tool-bar at the top of this page.

A Believer Free From Care
A Bold Young Farmer Courted Me
A Brewer May Be A Burgess Grave
A Country Life Is Sweet
A Debtor To Mercy Alone
A Garden Contemplation Suits
A Good Sword And A Trusty Hand
A Lancaster Leaving The Ruhr
A Little Child The Saviour Came
A Miners Life Is Like A Sailors
A Noble Young Squire That Lived In The West
A Nobleman Lived In A Village Of Late
A North Country Maid Up To London Had Strayed
A Shepherd Of The Downs Being Weary Of His Port
A Wealthy Young Squire Of Tamworth We Hear
A Word From Jesus Calms The Sea
A Worldling Spent Each Day
Abide With Me Fast Falls The Eventide
Above The Clear Blue Sky
Abroad For Pleasure As I Was A Walking
According To Thy Gracious Word
Adam And Eve Could Never Believe
Advent Tells Us Christ Is Near
Afflictions Do Not Come Alone
Afflictions Though They Seem Severe
Again The Morn Of Gladness
Alas And Did My Savior Bleed
Alas Elishas Servant Cried
Alas My Love You Do Me Wrong
All Glory Laud And Honour
All Hail To The Days That Merit More Praise
All Hayle To The Days
All Praise To Thee My God This Night
All Things Are Quite Silent Each Mortal At Rest
All Things We Have Ready And Nothing We Want
All Ye That Fear Gods Holy Name
All You That Be True To The King And The State
All You That Do Desire To Know
All You That Merry Lives Doe Lead
Alleluia Alleluia Hearts To Heaven And Voices Raise
Almighty Father Heaven And Earth
Almighty God Thy Word Is Cast
Almighty Lord Before Thy Throne
Almighty Ruler Of The Skies
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross
Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound
Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love
Among Th Assemblies Of The Great
Among The Princes Earthly Gods
An Outlandish Knight Came From The North Lands
Ancient Of Days Who Sittest Throned In Glory
And Can It Be That I Should Gain
And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time
And Its Three Score And Ten
And Now To Be Brief Lets Pass Over The Rest
And Will The God Of Grace
And Will The Judge Descend
Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Approach My Soul The Mercy Seat
Are All The Foes Of Zion Fools
Are Sinners Now So Senseless Grown
Are You Going To Scarborough Fair
Arise My Gracious God
Arise O God And Shine
Arise Ye Workers From Your Slumbers
Arm These Thy Soldiers Mighty Lord
Around The Throne Of God A Band
Art Thou Weary Art Thou Troubled
As Birds Their Infant Brood Protect
As I Came Down From Tottenham
As I Came Thro Sandgate
As I Lookd Over The Castle Wall
As I Roved Out On A Fine Summers Morning
As I Walked Forth One Summers Morn
As I Walked Out One Morning In May
As I Was A Going To Derrydown Fair
As I Was A Walking Down By The Lock Hospital
As I Was A Walking One Morning In May
As I Was A Walking One Morning Last Autumn
As It Fell On A Holy Day
As Needles Point Towards The Pole
As Noble Sir Arthur One Morning Did Ride
As Once For Jonah So The Lord
As Pants The Hart For Cooling Streams
As Parched In The Barren Sands
As Pretty Polly Oliver Lay Musing In Bed
As Some Tall Rock Amidst The Waves
As The Serpent Raised By Moses
As Tom Was A Walking One Fine Summers Morn
As When The Hebrew Prophet Raised
As With Gladness Men Of Old
At Even When The Sun Did Set
Awake My Soul And With The Sun
Awake My Soul To Joyful Lays
Away In A Manger No Crib For A Bed
Bane Ta Claapam Town Gate Lived An Ond Yorkshire Tike
Beauing Belleing Dancing Drinking
Before Elishas Gate
Begin My Tongue Some Heavenly Theme
Behold The Throne Of Grace
Beneath The Tyrant Satans Yoke
Beside The Gospel Pool
Bestow Dear Lord Upon Our Youth
Bold Arder Went Forth One Summer Morning
Both Sexes Give Ear To My Fancy
Brave English Boys Now Rejoyce And Be Merry
By Faith In Christ I Walk With God
By The Poor Widows Oil And Meal
By Various Maxims Forms And Rules
By Whom Was David Taught
Cheare Up Kind Countrymen Be Not Dismayd
Come All Brother Tradesmen Who Travel Along
Come All Ye Jolly Sailors Brave
Come All Ye Seamen Bold And Draw Near
Come All Ye Young Men All Let This Delight You
Come All You Bold Heroes Give Ear To My Song
Come All You Jolly Fellows And Join Us In Song
Come All You Jolly Ploughmen Of Courage Stout And Bold
Come All You Lads And Lasses Id Have You Give Attention
Come All You Tender Girls
Come All You Warlike Seamen
Come And Do Not Musing Stand
Come Boys Fill Us A Bumper
Come Cheer Up My Lads
Come Come Let Us Drink
Come Come My Boys With A Hearty Glee
Come Drawer Some Wine
Come Follow Follow Me
Come Gentlemen All And Ill Sing You A Song
Come Lasses And Lads Take Leave Of Your Dads
Come Lets Drink The Time Invites
Come My Soul Thy Suit Prepare
Come Pass About The Bowl To Me
Come Roger And Nell
Come We That Love The Lord
Come Write Me Down Ye Powers Above
Constrained By Their Lord To Embark
Could The Creatures Help Or Ease Us
Dance To Your Daddy
Darkness Overspreads Us Here
Daughters Of Zion Come Behold
David Rejoiced In God His Strength
Dear Land Of Hope Thy Hope Is Crowned
Dear Mother How Pretty
Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record
Ding Dong Merrily On High
Do Ye Ken John Peel With His Coat So Grey
Down By A Crystal River Side
Down In Sandbank Fields Two Sailors They Were Walking
Drawn To The Cross Which Thou Hast Blest
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Early My God Without Delay
Early One Morning
Earthly Pleasures Vainly Call Me
Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright
Elijahs Example Declares
Encouraged By Thy Word
Enslaved By Sin And Bound In Chains
Ere God Had Built The Mountains
Eternal Father Strong To Save
Eternal Light Eternal Light
Eternal Ruler Of The Ceaseless Round
Every Morning Mercies New
Every Star Shall Sing A Carol
Fair Fidelia Tempt No More
Far As Thy Name Is Known
Farewell My Dearest Nancy
Farewell To You My Own True Love
Father Forgive The Saviour Said
Father How Wide Thy Glories Shine
Father I Sing Thy Wondrous Grace
Father In Whom We Live
Father Let Me Dedicate
Father Of Glory To Thy Name
Father Of Heaven Whose Love Profound
Father Of Mercies In Thy Word
Father Who The Light This Day
Fervent Persevering Prayers
Fierce Passions Discompose The Mind
Fight On Brave Soldiers For The Cause
Firm Was My Health My Day Was Bright
Fools In Their Heart Believe And Say
For All The Saints Who From Their Labours Rest
For All Thy Saints O Lord
For Ever Shall My Song Record
For Mercies Countless As The Sands
For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace
Forth In Thy Name O Lord I Go
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Forward Be Our Watchword Steps And Voices Joined
From All That Dwell Below The Skies
From An Extempore Prayer And A Godly Ditty
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows
From Greenlands Icy Mountains
From Liverpool To Frisco A Rovin I Went
From Pole To Pole Let Others Roam
From Sheba A Distant Report
Full Merrily Sings The Cuckoo
Give Me The Wings Of Faith To Rise
Give To Our God Immortal Praise
Give To The Lord Ye Sons Of Fame
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
Go Forward Christian Soldier
God Above Who Rules All Things
God Gives His Mercies To Be Spent
God Hath Sent His Angels To The Earth Again
God How Endless Is Thy Love
God In His Earthly Temple Lays
God Is Our Stronghold And Our Stay
God Is The Name My Soul Adores
God Is The Refuge Of His Saints
God Lord Of Sabaoth Thou Who Ordainest
God Moves In A Mysterious Way
God My Supporter And My Hope
God Of Mercy God Of Grace
God Of My Childhood And My Youth
God Of My Life Look Gently Down
God Of My Life To Thee I Call
God Of The Morning At Whose Voice
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Let Nothing You Dismay
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
God Save Our Gracious Queen
God Save The Best Of Kings King Charles
God That Madest Earth And Heaven
Golden Harps Are Sounding
Good Is The Lord The Heavnly King
Good People Come Buy
Goodness Mercy Listen Percy
Grace Tis A Charming Sound
Gracious Lord Our Children See
Gracious Savior Gentle Shepherd
Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost
Great God Attend While Zion Sings
Great God How Infinite Art Thou
Great God How Oft Did Isrel Prove
Great God Indulge My Humble Claim
Great God The Heavns Well Ordered Frame
Great God We Sing That Mighty Hand
Great God What Do I See And Hear
Great God Whose Universal Sway
Great Is The Lord Our God
Great King Of Nations Hear Our Prayer
Great Shepherd Of Thine Israel
Hail The Glorious Golden City
Hail Thou Once Despised Jesus
Hail Thou Source Of Every Blessing
Hail To The Lords Anointed Great Davids Greater Son
Half A League Half A League
Happy The Home When God Is There
Happy The Man To Whom His God
Happy The Man Whose Cautious Feet
Hark A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding
Hark My Soul It Is The Lord
Hark Now The Drums Beat Up Again
Hark The Glad Sound The Saviour Comes
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Hark The Song Of Jubilee
Hark The Sound Of Holy Voices
Hark The Voice Eternal
Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices
Harry Courted Modest Mary
Have You Seen The Old Man In The Closed Down Market
He Dies The Friend Of Sinners Dies
He That Is A Clear Cavalier
He That Would A New Courtier Be
He Who On Earth As Man Was Known
Heal Me O My Saviour Heal
Heal Us Emmanuel Here We Are
Health Love And Peace Be All Here In This Place
Hear Us Thou That Broodedst
Hear What God The Lord Hath Spoken
Hear What The Lord In Vision Said
Hear What The Lord The Great Amen
Help Lord For Men Of Virtue Fail
Here At Bethesdas Pool The Poor
Here In Thy Name Eternal God
Here We Come A Wassailing Among The Leaves So Green
Heres A Health To The Barley Mow My Brave Boys
Heres A Health Unto His Majesty
Heres A Health Unto Our Master
Heres A Letter To You Madam
Heres Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
High In The Heavens Eternal God
His Master Taken From His Head
Hitler He Only Had One Ball
Hold Out Brave Charles And Thou Shaft Win The Field
Holy Father Cheer Our Way
Holy Father In Thy Mercy
Holy Ghost With Light Divine
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty
Holy Holy Holy Lord
Honey Though The Bee Prepares
Hosanna To The Living Lord
How Awful Is Thy Chastning Rod
How Beauteous Are At Their Feet
How Beauteous Were The Marks Divine
How Blest The Righteous Are
How David When By Sin Deceived
How Fast Their Guilt And Sorrows Rise
How Hurtful Was The Choice Of Lot
How Kind The Good Samaritan
How Long O Lord Shall I Complain
How Long Wilt Thou Conceal Thy Face
How Lost Was My Condition
How Pleasant A Sailors Life Passes
How Pleasant How Divinely Fair
How Precious Is The Book Divine
How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts
How Sweet And Aweful Is The Place
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours
How Vast The Benefits Divine
Hush My Dear Lie Still And Slumber
I Am A Jolly Ploughboy
I Am Saith Christ Our Glorious Head
I Am Trusting Thee Lord Jesus
I Can Sport As Fine A Trotting Horse As Any Swell In Town
I Come To Charge Ye That Fight The Clergy
I Dont Want To Join The Army
I Gave My Life For Thee
I Heard A Sound Of Voices
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
I Left My Home And I Left My Job
I Lift My Soul To God
I Love My King And Country Well
I Loved No King Since Forty One
I Mean To Speak Of Englands Sad Fate
I Met My Love By The Gas Works Wall
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
I Set The Lord Before My Face
I Should Like For To Have In The Winter Of Life
I Sing Th Almighty Power Of God
I Sowed The Seeds Of Love
I Vow To Thee My Country
I Waited Patient For The Lord
I Want To Go Home
I Was Broke And Out Of A Job In The City Of London
I Went To My Psychiatrist To Be Psychoanalyzed
I Will Extol Thee Lord On High
I Will Praise Thee Every Day
I Would But Cannot Sing
Ich Have House And Land In Kent
If I Live To Grow Old For I Find I Go Down
If None Be Offended With The Scent
If Paul In Caesars Court Must Stand
If Solomon For Wisdom Prayed
If The Lord Our Leader Be
If You Wake At Midnight And Hear A Horses Feet
If You Want To Find The Lance Jack
If You Want To Join A Merchant Ship
Ill Bless The Lord From Day To Day
Ill Praise My Maker While Ive Breath
Ill Sing You One O
Ill Speak The Honors Of My King
Im A North Countrie Man In Redesdale Born
Im But A Stranger Here
Im Going To Get Lit Up
Im Just Tired Of Seeing Eastern Moons
In An Old Australian Homestead
In Anger Lord Rebuke Me Not
In Bruton Town There Lived A Noble Man
In Good King Charless Golden Days
In His Temple Now Behold Him
In Judah God Of Old Was Known
In London Town Where I Was Born
In Mercy Not In Wrath Rebuke
In Praise Of A Dairy I Purpose To Sing
In Spring We Sow The Harvest Mow
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory
In The Merry Month Of June
In The Name Which Earth And Heaven
In The Parliament House A Great Rout Has Been There
In Those Twelve Days Let Us Be Glad
In Vain My Fancy Strives To Paint
Incarnate God The Soul That Knows
Inspirer And Hearer Of Prayer
Is A Broken Hearted Keelman
Israel In Ancient Days
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
It Fell Upon The Martinmas Time
It Was A Lover And His Lass
It Was Down In Yonder Meadow
It Was On The Seventeenth By Brake Of Day
It Was One Summers Morning As I Went Oer The Moss
Its Coming Down To Manchester
Its Hard When Folks Cant Find Their Work
Its In The Evening After Dark
Its Lamkin Was A Mason Good
Its Of A Brisk And Lively Lad
Its Of A Pretty Shepherdess Kept Sheep All On The Plain
Its Often I Sat On My True Loves Knee
Its Our Time To Go Now
Jake Has Gone To Wear The Horn
Jerusalem My Happy Home
Jesus And Shall It Ever Be
Jesus Came The Heavens Adoring
Jesus Christ The Lords Anointed
Jesus Faithful To His Word Shall With A Shout Descend
Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus My Truth My Way
Jesus Name Of Wondrous Love
Jesus Shall Reign Wherever The Sun
Jesus The Name High Over All
Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee
Jesus Thine All Victorious Love
Jesus Thy Church With Longing Eyes
Jesus To What Didst Thou Submit
Jesus United By Thy Grace
Jesus Whereer Thy People Meet
Jesus Whose Blood So Freely Streamed
John In Vision Saw The Day
Join All The Glorious Names
Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts To Day
Joy Is A Fruit That Will Not Grow
Joy To The World
Judge Eternal Throned In Splendor
Judge Me O Lord And Prove My Ways
Judges Who Rule The World By Laws
Just Are Thy Ways And True Thy Word
Just As I Am Without One Plea
Knees Up Mother Brown
Know This My Brethren Heaven Is Clear
Lady Alice Was Sitting In Her Bower Window
Lamb Of God We Fall Before Thee
Lamp Of Our Feet Whereby We Trace
Lay By Your Pleading Law Lies A Bleeding
Lead On O King Eternal
Legion Was My Name By Nature
Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined
Let All The Earth Their Voices Raise
Let Carthage Queen Be Now No More
Let Children Hear The Mighty Deeds
Let Christians All With Joyful Mirth
Let Every Man With Tongue And Pen
Let God Arise In All His Might
Let Sinners Take Their Course
Let Songs Of Praises Fill The Sky
Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose The Road
Let Us Adore The Grace That Seeks
Let Us The Infant Greet In Worship Before Him Fall
Let Zion In Her King Rejoice
Lets Leave Off Our Labour And Now Lets Go Play
Lets Say Goodbye With A Smile Dear
Lift The Strain Of High Thanksgiving
Lift Up Lift Up Your Voices Now
Like Silver Lamps In A Distant Shrine
Listen To Me And You Shall Hear
Long Preston Peg To Proud Preston Went
Lord Bateman Was A Noble Lord
Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing
Lord For To Morrow And Its Needs
Lord Hast Thou Cast The Nation Off
Lord I Am Thine But Thou Wilt Prove
Lord I Am Vile Conceived In Sin
Lord I Can Suffer Thy Rebukes
Lord I Will Bless Thee All My Days
Lord I Would Spread My Sore Distress
Lord If Thine Eye Surveys Our Faults
Lord If Thou Dost Not Soon Appear
Lord In The Morning Thou Shalt Hear
Lord It Belongs Not To My Care
Lord Of Glory Who Hast Bought Us
Lord Of Heaven And Earth And Sea
Lord Of My Life Whose Tender Care
Lord Of The Church We Humbly Pray
Lord Of The Harvest Hear
Lord Of The Worlds Above How Pleasant And How Fair
Lord Thou Hast Called Thy Grace To Mind
Lord Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sincere
Lord Thou Hast Won At Length I Yield
Lord Thou Wilt Hear Me When I Pray
Lord Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
Lord We Confess Our Numerous Faults
Lord We Have Heard Thy Works Of Old
Lord What A Feeble Piece
Lord What A Thoughtless Wretch Was I
Lord What Was Man When Made At First
Lord When Thou Didst Ascend On High
Lord When We Bend Before Thy Throne
Lord While For All Mankind We Pray
Lord Who At Canas Wedding Feast
Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days
Love Divine All Loves Excelling
Mademoiselle From Armentieres
Maker And Sovereign Lord
Manna To Israel Well Supplied
Martha Her Love And Joy Expressed
Mary To Her Saviours Tomb
May We Thy Precepts Lord Fulfil
Maybe Its Because Im A Londoner
Me Have Of Late Been In England
Mercy O Thou Son Of David
Mine Eyes And My Desire
More Ballads Heres A Spick And Span New Supplication
More Love To Thee O Christ
Morning Breaks Upon The Tomb
Most Gracious And Omnipotent
My Barns Are Full My Stores Increase
My Cap Is Frozen To My Head
My Dear Redeemer And My Lord
My Father For Another Night
My Friend If You Will Understand
My God Accept My Heart This Day
My God How Many Are My Fears
My God How Perfect Are Thy Ways
My God How Wonderful You Are
My God In Whom Are All The Springs
My God My Everlasting Hope
My God My Father While I Stray
My God My King Thy Various Praise
My God Permit My Tongue
My God The Spring Of All My Joys
My God The Steps Of Pious Men
My God Till I Received Thy Stroke
My Heart Rejoices In Thy Name
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
My Jesus I Love Thee
My Masters And Friends And Good People Draw Near
My Never Ceasing Songs Shall Show
My Refuge Is The God Of Love
My Savior And My King
My Savior My Almighty Friend
My Shepherd Is The Living Lord
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
My Song Shall Bless The Lord Of All
My Soul Be On Thy Guard
My Soul How Lovely Is The Place
My Soul Once Had Its Plenteous Years
My Soul Repeat His Praise
My Spirit Looks To God Alone
My Spirit Sinks Within Me Lord
My Sweetheart Come Along
My Trust Is In My Heavnly Friend
Nay I Cannot Let Thee Go
Near Woodstock Town In Oxfordshire
New Every Morning Is The Love
Not All The Blood Of Beasts
Not Comin Back To Night Matey
Not To The Terrors Of The Lord
Now All You Blokes Take My Advice
Now Be My Heart Inspired To Sing
Now Christmas Is Comen And New Year Begin
Now Do I Be A Very Young Country Boy
Now Fare Thee Well London
Now From The Altar Of My Heart
Now From The Roaring Lions Rage
Now Im Convinced The Lord Is Kind
Now Is The Hour When We Must Say Good Bye
Now Let Our Lips With Holy Fear
Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record
Now May He Who From The Dead
Now May The God Of Power And Grace
Now Orange Is On Brittish Shore
Now Our Works Done Thus We Feast
Now Plead My Cause Almighty God
Now Shall My Solemn Vows Be Paid
Now Since Were Met Lets Merry Merry Be
Now Some Folksll Tell You That Drinkings A Curse
Now The Day Is Over
Now The Light Has Gone Away
Now The Rump Is Confounded
Now The Winter Is Come With Its Cold Chilling Breath
O Bless The Lord My Soul
O Blessed Souls Are They
O Blow The Man Down Bullies
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Could I Speak The Matchless Worth
O Day Of Rest And Gladness Of Day Of Joy And Light
O Did You Ever Hear Of The Brave Earl Brand
O Father All Creating
O For A Closer Walk With God
O For A Shout Of Sacred Joy
O For A Thousand Tongues
O God My Refuge Hear My Cries
O God Of God O Light Of Light
O God Of Grace And Righteousness
O God Of Jacob By Whose Hand
O God Of Mercy God Of Might
O God Of Mercy Hear My Call
O God The Help Of All Thy Saints
O Happy Nation Where The Lord
O Help Us Lord Each Hour Of Need
O Holy Night
O Hope Of Every Contrite Heart
O I Went Into The Stable And There For To See
O Jesus Crucified For Man
O Light Whose Beams Illumine All
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
O Lord How Many Are My Foes
O Lord Of Heaven And Earth And Sea
O Lord Of Hosts Whose Glory Fills
O Lord Our Heavnly King
O Lord Our Lord How Wondrous Great
O One With God The Father
O Perfect Life Of Love
O Perfect Love All Human Thought Transcending
O Savior Whom This Holy Morn
O Saviour Bless Us Ere We Go
O Saviour Precious Saviour
O Sisters Too How May We Do
O Soldier Soldier Wont You Marry Me
O Take Me In Your Arms Love
O That The Lord Would Guide My Ways
O Thou From Whom All Goodness Flows
O Thou That Hearst When Sinners Cry
O Thou Whose Justice Reigns On High
O What A Stiff Rebellious House
O Whats The Matter With You My Lass
O Word Of God Incarnate
O Worship The King All Glorious Above
Of A Rich Counsellor I Write
Of All The Trades In England
Oft As The Lepers Case I Read
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be
Oh For A Faith That Will Not Shrink
Oh The Cuckoo Shes A Pretty Bird
Oh The Holly And The Ivy
old English Songs Htmgr
old English Songs Txt Src
Old Jemmy Is A Lad
Old Sir Robert Bolton Had Three Sons
On Christmas Night All Christians Sing
On Man In His Own Image Made
On Our Way Rejoicing
On Richmond Hill There Lives A Lass
On The 23rd Of February
On The First Day Of Christmas
On The Noble Fleet Of Whalers Out Sailing From Dundee
On What Has Now Been Sown
On Wings Of Living Light
On Yonder Hill There Stands A Maiden
Once A Woman Silent Stood
Once I Had A Hawk And A Pretty Grey Hawk
Once I Was A Civvy Lad
Once Perishing In Blood I Lay
One Aweful Word Which Jesus Spoke
One There Is Above All Others
One Thy Light The Temple Filling
Onward Christian Soldiers
Oppressed With Unbelief And Sin
Our God Our Help In Ages Past
Our Lord Who Knows Full Well
Our Oats They Are Howed And Our Barleys Reaped
Out Of The Deep I Call
Oxford And Cambridge Shall Agree
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
Pensive Doubting Fearful Heart
Physician Of My Sin Sick Soul
Poor Esau Repented Too Late
Poor Joe The Marine Was At Portsmouth Well Known
Poor Sinners Little Do They Think
Poor Weak And Worthless Though I Am
Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
Praise Oh Praise Our God And King
Praise The Lord O Heavens Adore Him
Praise To God Immortal Praise
Praise Waits In Zion Lord For Thee
Praise We The Lord This Day
Praise Ye The Lord My Heart Shall Join
Prayer An Answer Will Obtain
Preserve Me Lord In Time Of Need
Private Jones Came In One Night
Queen Jane Was In Travail
Quoth John To Joan Wilt Thou Have Me
Rebellion Hath Broken Up House
Redeemed Restored Forgiven
Rejoice Rejoice Ye Cavaliers
Rejoice The Lord Is King
Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart
Rejoice Ye Righteous In The Lord
Remember Lord Our Mortal State
Remember Us Poor Mayers All
Return O God Of Love Return
Return O Wanderer Return
Ring Out The Old Ring In The New
Rise Crowned With Light Imperial Salem Rise
Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me
Round Me Falls The Night
Run Rabbit Run
Safely Through Another Week
Sailing Over The Dogger Bank
Salvation Is For Ever Nigh
Save Me O God The Swelling Floods
Save Me O Lord From Every Foe
Saviour Again To Thy Dear Name We Raise
Saviour Blessed Saviour
Saviour Breathe An Evening Blessing
Saviour Shine And Cheer My Soul
Saviour When In Dust To Thee
Saviour When Night Involves The Skies
Saw You The States Money New Come From The Mint
Says Jone To His Wife On A Hot Summers Day
See Aaron Gods Anointed Priest
See The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph
See The Corn Again In Ear
See The Gloomy Gathring Cloud
She Left Her Fathers Castle Gate
Shepherds Are The Cleverest Lads
Shine Mighty God On Britain Shine
Show Pity Lord O Lord Forgive
Simon Beware The Saviour Said
Since It Must Be So Then So Let It Go
Sinful Sighing To Be Blest
Sing All Ye Nations To The Lord
Sing Me To Sleep Where Bullets Fall
Sing O Sing This Blessed Morn
Sing To The Lord Aloud
Sing To The Lord Ye Distant Lands
Snaefell Tynwald Ben My Chree
So Let Our Lips And Lives Express
Softly Now The Light Of Day
Soldiers Of Christ Arise
Soldiers Of The Cross Arise
Some Talk Of Alexander And Some Of Hercules
Son Of God Thy Peoples Shield
Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang
Songs Of Thankfulness And Praise
Soon As I Heard My Father Say
Sovereign Grace Has Powr Alone
Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers
Stand To Your Glasses
Strange And Mysterious Is My Life
Strong Son Of God Immortal Love
Sun Of My Soul Thou Saviour Dear
Sunset And Evening Star
Supported By The Word
Sure Theres A Righteous God
Sweet Is The Work My God My King
Sweet Nelly My Hearts Delight
Sweet The Moments Rich In Blessing
Sweet Was The Time When First I Felt
Take My Life And Let It Be
Tarry With Me O My Saviour
Teach Me The Measure Of My Days
Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
That Certain Night The Night We Met
That Man No Guard Or Weapons Needs
That Thou Wilt Be Pleased To Grant Our Requests
The Army The Navy And The Air Force
The Bells Of Hell Go Ting A Ling A Ling
The Boars Head In Hand Bear I
The Bonny Month Of June Is Crowned
The Book Of Nature Open Lies
The Breeze Was Fresh The Ship Was In Stays
The Carrion Crow He Sat Upon An Oak
The Castle Of The Human Heart
The Church A Garden Is
The Churchs One Foundation
The Cruel War Is Raging Johnny Has To Fight
The Day Is Gently Sinking To A Close
The Day Is Past And Gone
The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended
The Day Was Spent The Moon Shone Bright
The Earth Forever Is The Lords
The Evils That Beset Our Path
The Fairest Maids O Britains Isle
The Fifteenth Day Of July
The First Noel
The First That Enters On The Floor
The God Of Abraham Praise
The God Of Our Salvation Hears
The Heavns Declare Thy Glory Lord
The Hierarchy Is Out Of Date
The Keeper Would A Hunting Go
The Kine Unguided Went
The King O Lord With Songs Of Praise
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is
The King Of Saints How Fair His Face
The Lady Sits At Her Own Front Door
The Laird Of Rosslyns Daughter
The Law Commands And Makes Us Know
The Lion That On Sampson Roared
The Lord Jehovah Reigns His Throne Is Built On High
The Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare
The Lord My Shepherd Is
The Lord Of Glory Is My Light
The Lord Proclaims His Grace Abroad
The Lord The Judge Before His Throne
The Lord The Judge His Churches Warns
The Lord The Sovereign Sends His Summons Forth
The Lord Will Happiness Divine
The Lords My Shepherd Ill Not Want
The Man Is Ever Blest
The Manna Favored Israels Meat
The Message First To Smyrna Sent
The Moon In Silver Glory Shone
The Moon Shines Bright The Stars Give A Light
The Name Is Francis Tolliver
The Old Yeare Now Away Is Fled
The Pilot He Looks Out Ahead
The Praise Of Zion Waits For Thee
The Prince Van Orange He Is Come To This Land
The Prophets Sons In Time Of Old
The Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away
The Saints On Earth And Those Above
The Saints Should Never Be Dismayed
The Savior Calls Let Every Ear
The Savior Kindly Calls
The Sea Is Englands Glory
The Shades Of Night Were Falling Fast
The Shadows Of The Evening Hours
The Signs Which God To Gideon Gave
The Son Of God Goes Forth To War
The Stwons That Built George Ridlers Oven
The Sun Had Set Behind Yon Hills
The Sun Is Sinking Fast
The Time Passes Over More Cheerful And Gay
The Topman And The Afterguard Were Walking One Day
The Voice That Breathed Oer Eden
The Water Is Wide I Cant Cross Oer
The Water Stood Like Walls Of Brass
The Week Before Easter The Day Being Fair
The Wonders Lord Thy Love Has Wrought
The Word Of Christ Our Lord
Thee Will I Love O Lord My Strength
Then The Apostle Wonders Wrought
There Is A Blessed Home
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
There Is A Land Of Pure Delight
There Is An Old Proverb Which All The World Knows
There Lived A Wife At Ushers Well
There Was A Cameronian Cat
There Was A Crafty Miller And He
There Was A Fair Maid Of Islington
There Was A Jolly Miller Once Livd On The River Dee
There Was A Knight Both Young And Fair
There Was A Lady In The North
There Was A Shepherds Son
There Was An Old Chap In The West Country
There Was An Old Farmer In Sussex Did Dwell
There Was An Old Man And Sons He Had Three
There Were Six Jovial Tradesmen
There Were Three Drunken Maidens
There Were Three Gypsies A Come To My Door
There Were Three Ravens Sat On A Tree
Therell Always Be An England
Therell Be Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover
Theres A Battery Snug In The Spinney
Theres A Lusty Liquor Which
Theres A Tear In My Eye For The Soldier
Theres No Pleasures Can Compare
Theyre Moving Fathers Grave To Build A Sewer
Thine Forever God Of Love
Think Mighty God On Feeble Man
This Christmas Time Tis Fit That We
This Day At Thy Creating Word
This Is My Fathers World
This Is The Day Of Light
This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made
This Spacious Earth Is All The Lords
Thou Art Coming O My Saviour
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne And Thy Kingly Crown
Thou To Whose All Searching Sight
Thou Who The Night In Prayer Didst Spend
Thou Whose Almighty Word
Though Cloudy Skies And Northern Blasts
Though In The Outward Church Below
Though Jericho Pleasantly Stood
Though Troubles Assail
Three In One And One In Three
Three Maidens A Milking
Throned Upon The Awe Full Tree
Through All The Changing Scenes Of Life
Through Every Age Eternal God
Thus Far The Lord Hath Led Me On
Thus I Resolved Before The Lord
Thus Saith The Holy One And True
Thus Saith The Lord The Spacious Fields
Thus Saith The Lord To Ephesus
Thus Saith The Lord Your Work Is Vain
Thy Mansion Is The Christians Heart
Thy Ways O Lord With Wise Design
Time With An Unwearied Hand
Tis A Point I Long To Know
Tis By Thy Strength The Mountains Stand
Tis Good Lord To Be Here
Tis Greenside Wakes Weve Come To The Town
Tis Just A Month Come Friday Next
Tis Of A Noblemans Daughter
To Anacreon In Heavn
To God I Cried With Mournful Voice
To Our Redeemers Glorious Name
To Thee Most Holy And Most High
To Thee O Lord Our Hearts We Raise
To Thee Our God We Fly
To Thine Almighty Arm We Owe
Tobaccos But An Indian Weed
Today Thy Mercy Calls Us
Tom Pearse Tom Pearse Lend Me Your Grey Mare
Tonight It Is The New Years Night
True Subjects Mourn And Well They May
True Thomas Lay On Huntlie Bank
Twas For Thy Sake Eternal God
Twas In The Watches Of The Night
Twas On A Monday Morning All In The Month Of May
Twas On A Summers Morning
Twas On That Dark That Doleful Night
Twas On The Morn Of Sweet May Day
Twas The Commission Of Our Lord
Two Maidens Went Milking One Day
Two Were The Sisters One The Bride
Undone Undone The Lawyers Cry
Unto Thine Hand O God Of Truth
Up Aloft Amid The Rigging
Up To Your Waist In Water
Waken Lords And Ladies Gay
Wassail Wassail All Over The Town
Watchman Tell Us Of The Night
We Are A Garden Walled Around
We Are Fred Karnos Army
We Are The D Day Dodgers
We Bless The Lord The Just The Good
We Give Thee But Thine Own
We Have A King And Yet No King
We Love Thee Lord And We Adore
We Meet Today In Freedoms Cause
We Sing The Almighty Power Of God
We Three Kings Of Orient Are
We Were Homeward Bound One Night On The Deep
Wealth Breeds Care Love Hope And Fear
Wearied By Day With Toils And Cares
Weary Of Wandering From My God
Welcome Sweet Day Of Rest
Well Sing The Praise Of Future Days
Were Coming In On The Wing And A Prayer
Were Going To Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line
Were Laying In Surrey Dock One Day
What A Mournful Life Is Mine
What Booker Doth Prognosticate
What Child Is This Who Laid To Rest
What Creatures That With His Short Hairs
What Pen Can Well Report The Plight
What Think You Of Christ Is The Test
What Though The Zealots Pull Down The Prelates
Wheear As Ta Bin Sin Ah Saw Thee
When Adam Fell He Quickly Lost
When All Thy Mercies O My God
When Any Turn From Zions Way
When Britain First At Heavens Command
When Captaines Couragious Whom Death Cold Not Daunte
When Christ To Judgment Shall Descend
When Descending From The Sky
When First I Came To Pts
When First I Went A Waggoning
When First My Soul Enlisted
When First To Make My Heart His Own
When God Is Nigh My Faith Is Strong
When Good King Richard
When Hannah Pressed With Grief
When Harry The Tailor Was Twenty Years Old
When Hms Hood Went Down In The Deep
When I Can Read My Title Clear
When I First Landed In Liverpool
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
When I Was A Lad I Served A Term
When I Was Apprenticed In London
When I Was Bound Apprentice
When In The Field Of Mars We Lye
When Israel Heard The Fiery Law
When Israel Was From Egypt Freed
When Israels Tribes Were Parchd With Thirst
When Isrel Sins The Lord Reproves
When Jesus Claims The Sinners Heart
When Joseph His Brethren Beheld
When Joseph Was An Old Man
When Joshua By Gods Command
When Man Grows Bold In Sin
When Mighty Roast Beef Was The Englishmans Food
When Overwhelmd With Grief
When Peter Boasted Soon He Fell
When Sinners Utter Boasting Words
When Snow Transforms The Hedgerow Thorn
When Streaming From The Eastern Skies
When The Beloved Disciple Took
When The Disciples Crossed The Lake
When The Fighting Was At Its Fiercest
When The Great Judge Supreme And Just
When This Lousy War Is Over
Where Shall The Man Be Found
While I Keep Silence And Conceal
While Men Grow Bold In Wicked Ways
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
While With Ceaseless Course The Sun
Whistling Gypsy Came Over The Hill
Who Comes This Way So Blithe And Gay
Who Killed Cock Robin
Who Seeks The Way To Win Renown
Who Shall Ascend Thy Heavnly Place
Who Shall Inhabit In Thy Hill
Why Did The Jews Proclaim Their Rage
Why Did The Nations Join To Slay
Why Do The Proud Insult The Poor
Why Do The Wealthy Wicked Boast
Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends
Why Does Your Brand Sae Drop Wi Blude
Why Doth The Lord Stand Off So Far
Why Doth The Man Of Riches Grow
Why Has My God My Soul Forsook
Why Kept Your Train Bands Such A Stirre
Why Should I Vex My Soul And Fret
Will God For Ever Cast Us Off
Winster Wakes Theres Ale And Cakes
Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye
With Broken Heart And Contrite Sigh
With Earnest Longings Of The Mind
With Face And Fashion To Be Known
With Fife And Drum He Marched Away
With My Whole Heart Ill Raise My Song
With Revrence Let The Saints Appear
With Satan My Accuser Near
Within The Fathers House
Word Supreme Before Creation
Write To Sardis Saith The Lord
Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem
Ye Gentlemen Of England Who Live Home
Ye Holy Souls In God Rejoice
Ye Mad Caps Of England Who Merry Would Make
Ye Merry Hearts That Love To Play
Ye Nations Round The Earth Rejoice
Ye Nymphs And Sylvan Gods
Ye Sons Of Earth Prepare The Plow
Ye Sons Of Pride That Hate The Just
Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones
Yet Saith The Lord If Davids Race
You Brave Loyal Churchmen
You Friends To Reformation
You Gentlemen And Sportsmen
You May Have Heard Of The Politique Snout
You Royalists All Now Rejoice And Be Glad
You Rural Goddesses That Woods And Fields Possess
Young Women They Run Like Hares On The Mountain
Zaccheus Climbed The Tree

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