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A Collection of 700+ Old American Songs from Oldtime, popular and folk music - lyrics with PDF for printing

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Old American lyrics collection from 700 songs

THIS COLLECTION of some 700 Old-time American Song lyrics, includes songs from folk, popular music, music hall and religious genres. Most of these songs originate from the 18th to early 20th century. Note there may also be different versions of some of the songs in other sections of this site. Some of these may have been "folk processed" or modified to suit alterative musical settings such as Bluegrass or Country.

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These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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Should you need a print-out of the song, PDF versions (without banners or adverts) are available from the link at the bottom of each song page. Right click and use "Save target as" to download the file.

Below is a list of all the songs available in this section, to view the lyrics/chords choose the initial letter range of the title from the tool-bar at the top of this page.

A Famous Rebel Once Was Caught
A Farmer Came To Camp One Day
A Farmer Was Ploughing His Field One Day
A Gang Of Good Fellows Are We
A Jolly Boys The Lad I Love
A Lady Tossed Her Curls
A Little Girl With Her Father Stayed
A Little Maiden Climbed An Old Mans Knee
A Poor Aviator Lay Dying
A Toast To Virginia God Bless Her
A Voice From The Waves In The Dead Of Night
A Wonderful Savior Is Jesus My Lord
Abilene Abilene Prettiest Town I Ever Seen
Again My Social Friends We Meet
Ah May The Red Rose Live Always
Ah My Child
Ah My Heart Is Weary Waiting
Ah The Voice Of By Gone Days
All Beautiful The March Of Days As Seasons Come And Go
All Night All Day
All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight
All You Southerners Now Draw Near
Always Stand On The Union Side
Amen Amen
An Awe Full Mystery Is Here
An Old Indian Sat In His Little Canoe
And He Kissed Her On The Face
Andy Veto Never Slept A Wink Last Night
Angelina Baker
Are We Downhearted No No No
Are You Poor Forlorn And Hungry
Arise You Prisoners Of Starvation
Arrah Molly Darlin I Am Drafted
As I Read The Letters You Wrote To Me
As I Walked Out In The Streets Of Laredo
As I Was A Goin On Down The Road
As I Was A Walking One Morning For Pleasure
As To Kidnap The Congress Has Long Been My Aim
As Youve Walked Through The Town On A Fine Summers Day
At Donelson The Rebel Horde
At His Post The Little Major
At The Foot Of Yonder Mountain There Runs A Clear Stream
Away Down South In The Land Of Traitors
Beautiful Dreamer Wake Unto Me
Before The Lord We Bow
Behold The Brave Son
Behold With Joy The Peaceful State
Beloved It Is Well
Bill Brown Was A Worker In A Great Big Shop
Black Republican Bandits
Blackbird Blackbird Singing The Blues All Day
Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine
Bloom Bright Fair Flowers Around The White Stone
Bluebirds Linger Here Awhile
Bob Roebuck Is My Sweethearts Name
Bombed Last Night And Bombed The Night Before
Boy Tho Its A Fickle Age
Boys Just Listen While I Sing
Bring My Brother Back To Me
Bring The Good Ol Bugle Boys
Bring The Good Old Red Book Boys
By Sacred Influence Hurld
C O F F E E Coffee Is Not For Me
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
Changing Changing Day After Day
Chickens A Crowin On Sourwood Mountain
Come All My Jolly Seamen Likewise You Landsmen Too
Come All Of You True Friends Of The Nation
Come All Ye Men Of Every State
Come All Ye Sons Of Freedom
Come All Ye Southern Soldiers Come Listen Unto Me
Come All You Brave Americans
Come All You Gallant Soldiers A Story I Will Tell
Come All You That Hold True Communion With Southern Confederates Bold
Come All You Young Americans
Come Along Boys And Listen To My Tale
Come And Sit By My Side If You Love Me
Come Comrades Join The Reveille
Come Each Death Doing Dog
Come Hither Bring The Holly Bush To Decorate The Hall
Come I Am Longing To Hear Thee
Come Jesus From The Sapphire Throne
Come Join Hand In Hand
Come Listen All You Darkies Come Listen To My Song
Come Messmates Pass The Bottle Round
Come Now And Gather Round Me
Come On And Hear
Come On Brave Boys Let Us Be Brave
Come Raise Me In Your Arms Dear Brother
Come Stack Arms Men Pile On The Rails
Come With Thy Sweet Voice Again
Come With Us You Workingmen
Conditions They Are Bad
Cornwallis Led A Country Dance
Countrymen Of Washington
Courage And Honor To Him Whos Jailed
Daisy Daisy Give Me You Answer True
Darling I Am Growing Old
Day Is Done
De Camptown Ladies Sing This Song
De Shanghai Chicken When You Put Him In De Pit
De Time Is Nebber Dreary
Deal With Me Kindly
Dear Land Of Home Our Hearts To Thee Are Holden
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind
Dearest Love Do You Remember
Death With His Cold Hand
Deep River My Home Is Over Jordan
Delay Not Delay Not O Sinner Draw Near
Dere Was An Old Darkey
Did You Ever Hear Tell Of Sweet Betsy From Pike
Did You Ever Hear The Story
Do Not Trust Him Gentle Lady
Do They Miss Me At Home Do They Miss Me
Do They Miss Me In The Trenches
Dont You Remember Lame Sally John Jones
Dont You See The Black Clouds
Down In De Valley De Sperrit Spoke
Down In Lawrence Massachusetts
Down In The Valley Valley So Low
Down In Yonder Valley
Down On De Mississippi Floating
Down Trodden Despised See Brave Maryland Lie
Dreaming Of You Thats All I Do
Dying With Jesus By Death Reckoned Mine
Es Ritten Viel Reiter Im County Herum Juchhe
Every Morning About Seven Oclock
Evry Thing Seems Lovely When You Start To Roam
Ezekiel Saw A Wheel A Turning
Fairer Than The Golden Morning
Fairer Than The Lily Sweeter Than The Rose
Farewell Mother Dear I Go
Farewell Old Cottage
Father And I Went Down To Camp
Fellow Workers Cant You Hear
Fellow Workers Pay Attention
Fifteen Men On A Dead Mans Chest Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
Fling Out The Banner
Folks In Georgias Bout To Go Insane
Fondly Old Memories Recall Round My Heart
For The Dear Old Flag I Die
Fort Sumpter Fort Sumpter Is Taken
Fort Sumter Ist Gefallen
Founded On Thee Our Only Lord
Frei Kansas Freie Erde
From Beyond The Wooded Island
From The Great Atlantic Ocean
From The Halls Of Montezuma
From The Wilds Of The North
From This Valley They Say You Are Going
Full Many A Sailor Points With Pride
Gay As A Lark In The Sunshine Of Spring
Gee But Im Lonesome
General Grant Is The Greatest Man
Get Out The Way For Old Dan Tucker
Give The Stranger Happy Cheer
Give Us Back Our Old Commander
Give Us One Chance Tis All We Ask
God Bless America Land That I Love
God Bless Our Native Land
God Bless Our Noble Army
God Help Us Now As We Bend Low
God Of The Prophets Bless The Prophets Sons
God Protect Our Dear Old Flag
God Save Each Females Right
God Save The Thirteen States
Goin To Shout All Over Gods Heavn
Gone Are The Days When My Heart Was Young And Gay
Gone Are The Days When The Master Class Could Say
Gone From My Heart The World And All Its Charm
Good Bye New York Town Goodbye Miss Liberty
Good Evening Kind Friends
Hail Columbia Happy Land
Hail Thou Noble Hearted Lawyer
Hark The Battle Cry Is Ringing
Hark The Muffled Drums Are Rolling
Hark The Song Of Freedom How It Swells
Hark The Voice Of Jesus Crying
Have You Any Room For Jesus
Have You Heard Of A Ship Called The Good Reuben James
Have You Seen The Well To Do
He Built The Road
Hell Come Home Hell Not Forget Me
Heres A Bumper Brave Boys To The Health Of Our King
Heres Success To Port
Hes Got The Whole World In His Hands
Ho Freedoms Sons Come List The Cry
Ho Little Girl So Dressed With Care
Home By And By When Our Duties Are Done
How Dear To My Heart Are The Scenes Of My Childhood
How Sad Was The Hearts Of The Household
How Tedious And Tastless The Hours
Hurrah For The Choice Of The Nation
Hush A Bye Ma Baby Slumbertime Is Comin Soon
Huzza My Bonny Badger Boys
I Am Just A Lonesome Traveller
I Cannot Listen To Your Words
I Come From Alabama With My Banjo On My Knee
I Come From Mannassas With A Pocket Full Of Fun
I Come From Salem City
I Do Not Come Because My Soul
I Dont Know Why I Went To War
I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
I Had A Job Once Threshing Wheat
I Have An Ear For Music
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
I Just Saw A Maniac
I Know Not Why Gods Wondrous Grace
I Left My Golden Slippers Home
I Long For Thee Must I Long And Long In Vain
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord
I Peeked In To Say Goodnight
I Remember The Days Of Our Youth And Love
I Ride An Old Paint And I Lead An Old Dan
I Think I Hear The Angels Sing
I Wander Up And Down The Street
I Wandered Today To The Hills Maggie
I Want To Be A Soldier
I Wanted Much To Go To War
I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago
I Went To The Animal Fair
I Will Still Preserve My Fame
I Wonder As I Wander Out Under The Sky
I Would Be True For There Are Those Who Trust Me
I Would Not Be A Conscript A Hiding In The Wood
I Would Not Die In Springtime
I Would Not Die In Summer Time
I Would Not Live Alway I Ask Not To Stay
If In This World There Is A Flowr
If The World From You Withhold Of Its Silver
If You All Will Shut Your Trap
If You Dam Up The River Of Progress
Ill Be A Sergeant An Orderly Sergeant
Ill Never Forget When We Met
Ill Tell You Of A Story That Happened Long Ago
Ill Watch Oer Thy Dreams When Thourt Sleeping
Im A Darkey From The Country Oh
Im A Good Old Rebel
Im A Merry Little Soldier
Im Discontented With Homes That Are Rented
Im Dreaming Now Of Hallie
Im Going To Sing A Song
Im Gonna Lay Down My Heavy Load
Im Lonesome Since I Crossed The Hill
Im Nothing But A Plain Old Soldier
Im On My Way To Canada
Im Right From Old Virginny
Im Sitting Alone By The Fireside
Im Thinking Of Sweet Lena Clare
Immortal Love Forever Full
In A Cavern In A Canyon
In Eighteen Hundred And Sixty One
In Lawrence When The Starving Masses
In Maryland In Maryland
In Some Of My Songs
In The Army Of The Union
In The Eye Abides The Heart
In The Good Old Summertime
In The Movie Plays Of Now A Days
In The Prison Cell I Sit Thinking Mother Dear Of You
In The Region Where The Roses Always Bloom
In The Sad And Mournful Autumn
In The Shenandoah Valley Of Virginia
In This Blessed Land Of Freedom
Into The Ward Of The Clean White Washed Halls
Invited Lord By Boundless Grace
Is Everybody Happy
It Happened In Jacksboro Boys In The Year Of Seventy Three
It Was On The Seventeenth By Brake Of Day
It Was On The Tenth Of May
Ive Been Working On The Railroad
Ive Got A Mule And Her Name Is Sal
Ive Got Peace Like A River
Ive Had A Mighty Busy Day
Ive Told You Bout De Banjo
Jennys Coming Oer The Green
Jesus I Live To Thee
Jesus Is All The World To Me
Jesus Savior Pilot Me
Jesus Thou Art Mine Forever
Jingle Bells
John Browns Body Lies A Mouldering In The Grave
John Morgans Foot Is On Thy Shore
Johnnie Get Your Gun
Johnny Is My Darling
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
Just Before The Battle Mother
Kates A Dear Delicious Creature
Katie Oconnor From Tenth Avenue
Kind Lady Ask Me Not To Sing
Land Of The Palmetto Tree
Lay Me Down Where The Grass Is Green Mother
Lay Up Nearer Brother Nearer
Lazy Mary Will You Get Up
Let Evry Good Fellow Now Fill Up His Glass
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Let Me Relate To One And All
Let Me Whisper In Your Ear Sir
Let Tyrants Shake Their Iron Rod
Let Us Break Bread Together
Let Us Close Our Game Of Poker
Let Us Live With A Hope For A Better Day Mary
Let Us Pause In Lifes Pleasures And Count Its Many Tears
Linger In Blissful Repose
Listen To Me Honey Dear
Little Ella Fairest Dearest
Little Jenny Dow Lives Beyond The Mill
Little Voices Laughing Free
Long Haired Preachers Come Out Every Night
Long Long Ago Someone I Know
Long Wave Our Proud Stars And Stripes Of Liberty
Look From Thy Sphere Of Endless Day
Lord From Thy Heavenly Throne
Lord He Thought Hed Make A Man
Lord Jesus Christ We Humbly Pray
Lord Lead The Way The Savior Went
Lord Thomas Was A Gay Forester
Louisiana Dear Pelican Mother Arise
Lubly Melinda Come Now My Dear
Mammys Little Baby Loves Shortnin
Man Of Sorrows What A Name
Mary Loves The Flowers
Maryland Maryland
Mckinley Called For Volunteers Then I Got My Gun
Meet Me Tonight Lover Meet Me Moonlight The Prisoners Song
Michael Kelly With His Sweethear
Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Mid Pleasures And Palaces Though We May Roam
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory
Mine Heart Ish Proken Into Little Pits
Molly Dear I Cannot Linger
Molly Do You Love Me
Moonlight On The River Colorado
More Than A Child Born In The Hay
Mother Dear Mother Tis Sweet To Know
Mother Is The Battle Over
Mr Slave Mr Slave Listen To The Call
My Angel Boy Thourt Nearing Fast
My Boy Is Coming From The War
My Brave Lad Sleeps In His Faded Coat Of Blue
My Country Tis Of Thee
My Dearest Wife My Joy And Life
My Faith Looks Up To Thee
My Grandfathers Clock Was Too Large For The Shelf
My Hopes Have Departed Forever
My Lord What A Mornin
My Name Ls Daniel Martin
My True Love Is A Soldier
My Wife And I Lived All Alone
My Wife Is A Most Knowing Woman
Near The Broad Atlantic Waters
Near The Lake Where Drooped The Willow
Nelly Bly Nelly Bly Bring The Broom Along
Nicodemus The Slave Was Of African Birth
Nights Are Growing Very Lonely
No Home No Home On My Weary Way I Seek
No More Auction Block For Me
No One To Love In This Beautiful World
Nobly Our Flag Flutters Oer Us To Day
Nobody Knows The Trouble Ive Seen
Nothing Between My Soul And My Savior
Now Listen All My Shipmates
Now May Our Starry Banner
Now The Shades Of Night Are Gone
Now To Close This Civil War
Now Wont You Listen Honey While I Say
Now Workingmen You Know You Live A Life Of Misery
O Beautiful For Spacious Skies
O Bury Me Not In The Deep Deep Sea
O Columbia Perle Der Lander
O Columbia The Gem Of The Ocean
O Fighting Joe Hooker The Brave
O Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam
O God Our Fathers God Whose Care
O Haste On The Battle The Sure Coming Battle
O I Wish I Was In The Land Of Cotton
O Ladies Dont You Blush When I Come Out To Play
O Lord Of Life To Thee We Lift Our Hearts
O Meet Me When When Daylight Is Fading
O Say Can You See
O The Dear Early Days In My Own Fair Land
O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Lifes Hill
O Whiskey Is The Monster
Ob Wir Rote Gelbe Kragen
Oer Jerusalem Thou Weepest
Oh All Of You Poor Single Men
Oh Can You See The Master Comin
Oh Carry Me Long Ders No More Trouble For Me
Oh Comrades Fill No Glass For Me
Oh Dem Golden Slippers
Oh Dixie The Land Of King Cotton
Oh Dont You Remember Sweet Alice
Oh Dreary Was The World To Me
Oh Fremont He Told Them When The War It First Begun
Oh Genevieve Id Give The World
Oh Go Fetch Me Down My Riding Cane
Oh Good Evening Gentlemen To Day
Oh Happy Day
Oh Have You Heard Of The Brave Old Fellow
Oh I Went Down South For To See My Sal
Oh Im Gettin Old And Feeble
Oh Kind Folks Listen To My Song
Oh Ladies Dont You Wonder
Oh Lemuel
Oh Lilly Dear It Grieves Me
Oh Lord Of Hosts Almighty King
Oh Lord Of Hosts His Country Called
Oh Lousianas De Same Old State
Oh My God What Vengeful Madness
Oh My Golden Slippers Are Laid Away
Oh My Hearts In A Whirl
Oh My Litte Bird My Agnes
Oh Once Upon A Time In Arkansas
Oh Say Can You Hear
Oh Say Cant You See By The Dawns Early Light
Oh The Devil In Hell They Say He Was Chained
Oh The First From New York
Oh There Was An Old Soldier And He Had A Wooden Leg
Oh Were De Bully Soldiers
Oh When I Was Single Oh When
Oh Where Oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone
Oh Willie Is It You Dear
Oh Yes I Am A Southern Girl
Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of The Wilderness
Old Abe Lincoln Keeps Kicking Up A Fuss
Old Early Camped At Fishers Hill
Old Uncle Abram Wants Us
On Her Leg She Wears A Silken Garter
On One Summers Day
On Shilohs Dark And Bloody Ground
On Springfield Mountain I Once Knew
On The Bloody Field Of Battle
On The Field Of Antietam
On The Lonely Sea Beat Shore
On The Seventeenth Day Of September
On Vicksburgs Globes And Bloody Ground
Once Far From God And Dead In Sin
Once I Could Laugh And Play
Once I Had A Sweetheart Noble Brave And True
Once I Loved Thee Mary Dear
Once I Was Happy But Now Im Forlorn
One Bright And Shining Light
One Day As I Lay Dreaming
One Day As I Was Walking Along The Railroad Track
One Little Girl Fair As A Pearl
Onward Onward Is The Cry Now
Open Thy Lattice Love
Our Campfires Shone Bright On The Mountains
Our Flag Is Unfurled And Our Arms Flash Bright
Our Jimmy Has Gone For To Live In A Tent
Our Knapsacks Sling
Our Starry Flag Is At Half Mast
Our Willie Dear Is Dying
Over Hill Over Dale As We Hit The Dusty Trail
Over The River And Through The Woods
Parasites In This Fair Country
Place Park Scene Dark
Please Give Me Your Attention
Poor Drooping Maiden
Praise Him Praise Him
Private Perks Is A Funny Little Codger
Queenie Bee Lived Oer The Lee
Raise Me In Your Arms My Brother
Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim It
Rest Noble Martyr Rest In Peace
Reuben James In My Song Youll Live Again
Reuben Reuben Ive Been Thinking
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep
Roll Jordan Roll
Rosy Cheeks And Turnd Up Nose
Round And Round The Cobblers Bench
Round De Meadows Am A Ringing
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Sadly To Mine Heart Appealing
Said Beauregard To Lee And Jeff
Said Pat To His Mother It Seems Strange To See
Sail Home As Straight As An Arrow
Saints Of God The Dawn Is Brightning
Savior I Follow On
Savior Sprinkle Many Nations
Savior Thy Dying Love
Savior Who Thy Flock Art Feeding
See See My Playmate
Send Thou O Lord To Every Place
Shall We Gather At The River
She Is Watching By The Poplars
She Lyin Woman
Shell Be Coming Round The Mountain
Shout The Glad Tidings Exultingly Sing
Shut De Do Keep Out De Debbil
Sing A Song In Praise Of Toiling Masses
Sister Carrie My Dear
Sitting By The Roadside On A Summer Day
Sitting In The Cosy Parlor
Soft As The Voice Of An Angel
Soft Be Thy Slumbers
Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
Soldiers Sing Of Their Beans And Canteens
Some Folks Like To Sigh
Somebodys Coming To See Me Tonight
Sons Of Columbia Your Country Now Calls You
Southrons Hear Your Country Call You
Southrons To Arms
Sowing In The Morning Sowing Seeds Of Kindness
Speed Our Republic O Father On High
Stand Navy Down The Field
Stand To Your Glasses
Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus
Stand Up Stand Up Ye Workers
Steal Away
Still Upon The Field Of Battle
Stood A Little Baby On The Street One Day
Summer Breath Summer Breath Whispring Low
Sweetly She Sleeps My Alice Fair
Swell The Anthem Raise The Song
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Sylvias Hair Is Like The Night
Take I Pray Thee This Small Locket
Take Me Back To Tulsa
Tare An Ages Ye Spolpyeens Bo Asy
Tell Me Have You Ever Met Her
Tell Me The Tales That To Me Were So Dear
Tell Us Not We Will Make Blunders
Thank God The Sky Is Clearing
That Seat Of Science Athens
The Army Is Gathring From Near And From Far
The Ballroom Was Filled With Fashions Throng
The Battleship At Anchor Lies
The Bluebird Is Singing His Lay
The Church Of God Is One
The Day Of Our Destiny Was Darkened
The Despots Heel Is On Thy Shore
The Dreams That Charmd Me When A Child
The Dutch Came To Missouri
The Flags Are Flying
The Girls About Here They Think Themselves Wise
The Glendy Burke Is A Mighty Fast Boat
The Gloomy Night Before Us Flies
The Glorious Gates Of Righteousness
The Gospel Shows The Fathers Grace
The Land Of My Home Is Flitting
The Law Of God Is Good And Wise
The Maryland Boys Are Coming
The Mayflowr On New Englands Coast
The Morn Of Life Is Past
The Morning Light Is Breaking
The Night Was Mighty Dark So You Could Hardly See
The Northmen Are Coming
The Office Just Had Opened
The Old Home Town Looks So Same
The Pride Of The Village And The Fairest In The Dell
The Rebel Feet Are On Our Shore
The Rover Goes Forth From His Home Far Away
The Shades Of Night Were Falling Fast
The Ship That Never Returned
The Southern Boys May Longer Lie
The Star Spangled Cross And The Pure Field Of White
The Sun Shines Bright In The Old Kentucky Home
The Troops From Rhode Island Were Posted Along
The Union Men Have Left The Floor
The Village Bells Are Ringing
The War Drum Is Beating Prepare For The Fight
The Wild Dog Sought His Matted Lair
The Wise May Bring Their Learning
The Wish The All Absorbing Wish
The Workers Of The World Are Now Awaking
The Workers On The S P Line
The Wreck Of Old 97
The Years Creep Slowly By Lorena
There Are Five A Light Before Us
There Are Ninety And Nine That Work And Die
There Are Thoughts Which Seem To Come From Heavn
There Are Voices Of Hope That Are Borne On The Air
There Are Women Of Many Descriptions
There Is A Bunch Of Honest Workingmen
There Is A General In The West
There Is A Man Of Noble Heart
There Is A Tavern In The Town
There Is An Hour Of Peaceful Rest
There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing
There She Is There She Is
There Was An Old Lady Lived Over The Sea
Theres A Feeling Comes A Stealing
Theres A Fruit Store On Our Street
Theres A Good Time Coming
Theres A Great Day Coming
Theres A Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza
Theres A House In Baltimore
Theres A Land That Is Fairer Than Day
Theres A Low Green Valley By The Old Kentucky Shore
Theres A Royal Banner Given For Display
Theres A Spot That The Soldiers All Love
Theres A Well Beaten Path In This Old Mountain Side
Theres A Wound In My Spirit
Theres A Yellow Rose Of Texas
They Were Summoned From The Hillside
Theyve Shot Joe Hill His Life Has Fled
This Child We Dedicate To Thee
This Years Crop Of Kisses
Thou Art The Way To Thee Alone
Thou Hast Roamd Under Summer Skies
Thou Remainest Blest Redeemer
Thou Who Rollst The Year Around
Thou Wilt Come No More
Though Were A Band Of Prisoners
Tis Of A Noblemans Daughter
Tis Of A Rich Dutchman In Niew Yorick Did Live
Tis Of A Stately Southerner Who Flew The Stripes And Stars
Tis Old Stonewall The Rebel That Leans On His Sword
To Sheridan And Sherman Great Merit Is Due
To The Fair Shores Of Eden
Turn Not Away
Twas In The Days Of Seventy Six
Two Little Children One Morning
Under The Willow Shes Laid With Care
Up From Your Knees Ye Cringing Serfmen
Vain Britons Boast No Longer
Vot Vos You Up To Uncle Sam
Was Glänzt Dort Von Vermont
Way Down In Old Varginni
Way Down South In The Cotton Land
Way Down Upon The Swanee River Far Far Away
We All Went Down To New Orleans
We Are A Band Of Brothers From Home And Kindred Far>
We Are A Band Of Brothers
We Are Coming Father Abram
We Are Marching To The Field Boys
We Are Tossed And Driven
We Arm By Thousands Strong
We Ask Not That The Slave Should Lie
We Bear The Strains Of Earthly Care
We Broke The Yoke Of A Pitiless Class
We Dont Smoke Marijuana In Muskogee
We Have A Sure Prophetic Word
We Have Come From The Brave Southwest
We Have Seen The Reaper Toiling
We Live In Hard And Stirring Times
We May Not Climb The Heavenly Steeps
We Parted With A Cheerful Smile
We Roamed The Fields And River Sides
We Shall Meet But We Shall Miss Him
We Want All The Workers In The World To Organize
We Were Forty Miles From Albany
We Were Waltzin That Night In Kentucky
We Will Sing One Song Of The Meek And Humble Slave
Weep All Ye Little Rains
Well Put For De Souf Ah Dats The Place
Were Anchored By The Roadside Jim
Were Going Down To Cuba Boys
Were Spending Billions Every Year
Were Tenting Tonight On The Old Campground
What Must A Fairys Dream Be
Whats In A Name Said Shakespeare
When Day Breaks Forth On The Dewy Lawn
When De Cannon Balls A Singin
When I Enlisted In The Army
When I Was A Little Bitty Baby
When I Was Hiking Round The Town
When Israel Was In Egypts Land
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
When Marshaled On The Nightly Plain
When Old Friends Were Here
When Rebellion First Made Its Appearance
When The Blackbird In The Spring
When The Dark Cloud Of Rebellion
When The Twilight Shades Fall Oer Me
When The Unions Inspiration
When The Wintry Winds Are Blowing
When This Dreadful War Is Ended
When Uncle Sam He First Set Out
When We Waltz Together My Worlds In Disguise
Where Is Thy Spirit Mary
Where Where Where And Where
While I Relate My Story
While In Their Sunny Bowers
While Shepherds Kept Their Watching
While The Flowrs Bloom In Gladness
White Folks Ill Sing For You
Who Shall Rule This American Nation
Whos That Coming Down The Street
Why Am I So Weak And Weary
Why Has Thy Merry Face
Why Is Your Forehead Furrowed With Care
Why Should Vain Mortals Tremble At The Sight
Wilkes Booth Came To Washington
Will You Come With Me My Phyllis Dear
Willie Earl Met A Sweet Young Girl
Wilt Thou Be Gone Love
Wir Kommen Onkel Abraham
With A Heart Forsaken I Wander
With Humble Heart And Drooping Brow
Within The Sound Of The Enemys Guns
Wontcha Come Along With Me
Workers Of The World Awaken
Workers The World
Would You Have Freedom From Wage Slavery
Would You Like To Hear My Song Im Afraid Its Rather Long
Ye Brave Honest Subjects Who Dare To Be Loyal
Ye Defenders Of The Union
Ye Seamen And Ye Landsmen All
Ye Sons Of Carolina Awake From Your Dreaming
Ye Sons Of Toil Awake To Glory
Ye Tories All Rejoice And Sing
Years I Spent In Vanity And Pride
Yes Well Rally From The Mines Boys
Yes Well Rally Round The Flag Boys
You Ask Me Why Im Always Teasing You
You Can Take A Silver Dollar
You May Ramble Round The Country Anywhere You Will
You Smiled When We Parted
Young Johnnie Steele Has An Oldsmobile
Youre In The Army Now

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