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A detailed study of Negro folk music, includes lyrics & sheet music samples.

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About Jesus Christ and the others cluster about Moses, Daniel, Judgment Day, etc., subjects partially known and handled by the preachers in their sermons. There is just one exception. There is no Jubilee Song on "Servants, obey your Masters." We shall leave for the "feeble" imagination of the reader the reason why. The Negroes practically left out of their Jubilee Songs, Jeremiah, Job, Abraham, Isaac, Solomon, Samuel, Ezra, Mark, Luke, John, James, The Psalms, The Proverbs, etc., simply be­cause these subjects did not fall among those taught them as preaching subjects.
Now let us consider for a while the Negro's re­ligion in Africa. Turning to Bettanny's "The World's Religions" we learn the following facts about aboriginal African worship.
The Bushmen worshiped a Caddis worm and an antelope (a species of deer). The Damaras believed that they and all living creatures descended from a kind of tree and they worshipped that tree. The Mulungu worshiped alligators and lion-shaped idols. The Fantis considered snakes and many other animals messengers of spirits. The Dahomans wor­shiped snakes, a silo tree, a poison tree and a kindof ocean god whom they called H.
Now turning our attention to Negro Folk