Negro Folk Rhymes Wise & Otherwise - online book

A detailed study of Negro folk music, includes lyrics & sheet music samples.

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Fust: I went out to milk an' I didn' know how, I milked dat goat instid o' dat cow; While a Nigger a-settin' wid a gapin' jaw, Kept winkin' his eye at a tucky in de straw.
Den: I went out de gate an' I went down de road, An' I met Miss 'Possum an' I met Mistah
Toad ; An' ev'y time Miss 'Possum 'ould sing, Mistah Toad 'ould cut dat Pigeon's Wing.
But: I went in a whoop, as I went down de road; I had a bawky team an' a heavy load. I cracked my whip, an' ole Beck sprung, An' she busted out my wagin tongue.
Well: Dat night dere 'us a-gittin' up, shores you're
born. De louse go to supper, an' de flea blow de
horn. Dat raccoon paced, an' dat 'possum trot; Dat ole goose laid, an' de gander sot.