Negro Folk Rhymes Wise & Otherwise - online book

A detailed study of Negro folk music, includes lyrics & sheet music samples.

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"Oh Mistah Policeman, tu'n me loose; Hain't got no money but a good excuse." Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
Dat ole Policeman treat me mean, He make me wa'k to Bowlin' Green. Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
De way he treat me wus a shame. He make me wear dat Ball an' Chain. Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
I runs to de river, I can't git 'cross; Dat Police grab me an' swim lak a hoss. Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
I goes up town to git me a gun, Dat ole Police sho' make me run. Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
I goes crosstown sorter walkin' wid a hump An' dat ole Police sho' make me jump. Oh hello, Sarah Jane!
Sarah Jane, is dat yo' name? Us boys, we calls you Sarah Jane. Well, hello, Sarah Jane!