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A detailed study of Negro folk music, includes lyrics & sheet music samples.

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Yes, my ole Mosser promise me; But "his papers" didn' leave me free. A dose of pizen he'ped 'im along. May de Devil preach 'is funer'l song.
W'en my wife dies, gwineter git me anudder one; A big fat yaller one, jes lak de yudder one. I'll hate mighty bad, w'en she's been gone. Hain't no better 'oman never nowhars been bo'n.
W'en I comes to die, you mus'n' bury me deep, But put Sogrum molasses close by my feet. Put a pone o' co'n bread way down in my han'. Gwineter sop on de way to de Promus' Lan'.
W'en I goes to die, Nobody mus'n' cry, Mus'n' dress up in black, fer I mought come back. But w'en I'se been dead, an' almos' fergotten; You mought think about me an' keep on a-trottin'.
Railly, w'en I'se been dead, you needn' bury me
at tall. You mought pickle my bones down in alkihall; Den fold my han's "so," right across my breas'; An' go an' tell de folks I'se done gone to "res'."

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