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3 Centuries Of Naval History In Shanties & Sea Songs With Lyrics & Notes

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Says Jack, ' There is very good
news,' 228 Set every stitch of canvas to woo
the fresh'ning breeze, 335 Sing we seamen, now and then,
27               „ .                  -,
Smile, smile, Britannia, smile, on
Admiral Keppel smile, 257 Stout seamen, come away, never
be daunted, 97 Strike up, you lusty gallants, with
musick and sound of drum, 30 String up your hearts, and tune
your throats, 63
'Twas at the landing place that's just below Mount Wyse, 322
'Twas on the twenty-eighth of May, 271
Valiant Protestant boys, 117
Well may the world against us
«y, 133 We're the boys that fear no noise,
337 What can we luckless sailors do?
336 What means this silence, sirs?
48 What ship, honest brother sailor ?
When first on board of a man-of-war, 236
When in the cockpit all was dim, 286
When the Dartmouth friggot lay off the town, 92
Who does not extol our conquest marine? 153
Why does the poets abuse us,
145 Will you hear of a bloody battle,
166 William was a youthful lover,
326 With Monmouth cap, and cutlace
by my side, 137
The Chesapeake so bold, 311
The foes of Old England, France, Holland, and Spain, 262
The fourteenth of November, in Torbay as we lay, 217
The genius of Britain went hover­ing round, 279
The George-Aloe and the Sweep­stake too, 23
The muse and the hero together are fir'd (Captain Death), 205 ; (Captain Farmer), 260
The tars of Old England have long toil'd in vain, 280
The 28th of May the French fleet hove in sight, 268
The 21 st of February, as I've heard people say, 220
The wat'ry god, great Neptune, lay, 218
The weather is clear, which was late overcast, 69
There happen'd of late a terrible fray, 72
Though with tears we lament our great Nelson's demise, 302
Thursday in the morn, the Ides of May, 119
To all you ladies now at land, 56
To God alone let us all glory give, 114
To tame the Dutch, our treacher­ous foes, 283
To your quarters, my lads ; we are now within shot, 158
Ye bold British tars, who to glory
are free, 243 Ye brave British sailors, true
sons of the main, 225 Ye brave British tars, come,
attend to my muse, 255 Ye gods above, protect a widow !
282 Ye landsmen all, I pray attend,
who live at home at ease,
265 Ye Parliament of England, you
Lords and Commons too, 308 Ye seamen who's a mind to go in
pursuit of new adventures, 226