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Not many moones have from
their silver bowes, 31 Now, noble brave boys, let the
sweet trumpet sound, 106 Now of noble, hardy men of
might, 156
I am an undaunted seaman, and
for King Charles I will fight,
61 I am in a consternation at my
now approaching death, 154 I said unto brave West, ' Take
the van, take the van,' 210 I sing not the battle (so fam'd)
of Lepanto, 110 I sing ye a ballad as round me
ye stand, 120 I wald noght spare,for to speke,
wist I to spede, 3 I will not sing in Parker's praise,
281 In Cawsand Bay lying, 328 It is of a fine Frigate, dare not
mention her name, 316 It oft-times has been told, 309 It was in the month of April,
upon the 14th day, 330
O noble England, fall doune
upon thy knee, 18 Observe this .true relation, and
listen unto me, 222 Of all the curst plagues that e'er
Fate did decree, 233 Of late near the Strand, we, well
understand, 104 Of Nelson and the North, 290 Of thee, great State, the god of
waves, 36 Off Cape Finisterre lay the king's
ship La Loire, 300 Oh ! cruel were my parents to
tear my love from me, 324 Oh 1 cruel were thy parents that
envied our love, 325 Oh ! we sail'd to Virginia, and
thence to Fayal, 148 Old Paul's steeple, fare thee well,
37 On board the noble Ann, 249 On board the Shannon frigate,
in the merry month of May,
312 On the second day of August,
eighteen hundred and one, 297 Once more, brave boys, let us
proclaim, 181 One day, as I was sitting still, 82 Our boatswain calls out for his
bold British heroes, 239 Our goodly ship was loaded
deep, 86
Joyful tydings I bring; let us merrily sing, 125
Let England, and Ireland, and Scotland rejoyce, 58
Let every loyal Briton sing, 199
Let every loyal soul rejoyce, 174
Life is chequered—toil and plea­sure, 165
Listen awhile and I here will unfold, 95
Long the proud Spaniards had vanted to conquer us, 21
Lustely, lustely lustely, let us saile forthe, 17
Men may leve alle gamys, 4 Minot with mowth had menid to
make, 1 Mr. Cleveland, I pray, to their
Lordships you'll say, 207 Muse will have her song ; hark 1
she merrily sings, 151 My Lords, with your leave, 246 My love, I come to take my leave,
99 My name is Captain Kid, 134
Rejoyce, rejoyce, brave English
boys, 66 Ring bells for joy, let none be
sad, 79 Ring, ring out our bells ! and to
Calais from Dover, 197 Russel on the ocean, minding
Tourville's motion, 128