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3 Centuries Of Naval History In Shanties & Sea Songs With Lyrics & Notes

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Come, all you British seamen
bold, that plow the raging main,
276 Come, all you gallant seamen
that unite a meeting, 302 Come, all you jolly sailors bold,
172 Come, all you jolly sailors bold,
the truth you soon shall know,
334 Come, all you jolly sailors of
courage stout and bold, 258 Come, all you jolly sailors that to
the seas are bent, 190 Come, all you jolly seamen, that's
willing to enter, 194 Come, all you jovial sailors, give
ear unto my song, 263 Come, all you old warlike liners,
who boast of deeds of war, 333 Come, all you seamen stout and
bold, and listen to my song,
320 Come, all you thoughtless young
men, a warning take by me,
316 Come, all you valiant British tars,
attend unto my theme, 313 Come, all you valiant Britons of
every degree, 306 Come, all you valiant heroes that
sail upon the sea, 305 Come, all you who delight in a
frolicksome song, 319 Come, all you young seamen,
wherever you be, 255 Come, and listen to my ditty, all
ye jolly hearts of gold, 162 Come, brave honest Jack Tar, once
more will you venture ? 235 Come, cheer up, my lads, 'tis to
glory we steer, 220 Come, join with me, you Britons
bold, 203 Come, jolly sailors, join with me,
195 Come, listen awhile with attention;
331 Come, loyal Britons all rejoyce
with joyful acclamations, 177 Come pity me, young maidens
all, 193
Come, rouse up, my lads, let us
haste to the main, 261 Come, you jovial British fellows,
184 Countrie men of England, who
live at home with ease, 40
Draw near, ye gallant seamen, 54
Each bold British tar, 252
Fair Sally lov'd a bonny sailor, 163
Gallants, you must understand}
Give ear, true Britons, to my song, 223
Give ear, ye sons of glory, 209
God prosper long our noble King, his fleet and sailors all, 231
Good people all, I pray attend a most surprising story, 298
Good people all, pray give atten­tion to this fatal tragedy, ig~>
Good people, do but lend an ir, 140
Good people, give ear, I'll tell you a story, 170
Good people of old England, come listen unto me, 245
Great Charles, your English sea­men upon our bended knee, 53
Hark 1 Hark ! alas ! what fatal
news is come? 160 How goes it, brother Jack ? 227 How pleasant a sailor's life
passes, 164
I am a jovial marriner, our calling is well known, 42
[ am a sailor bold, and press'd to serve the King, 211