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2,62         SONGS AND BALLADS
P. 311. Shannon and Chesapeake. The text is a traditional version supplied by Sir J. K. Laughton. There is a broadside version, reprinted in Logan's Pedlar's Pack, p. 69, which omits the third verse and gives many different readings. The most important differences are the following:—In verse 4, ' The engagement scarce begun, Ere they flinched from their guns, Which at first they thought of working, &c. Then brave Broke he drew his sword,' &c. In verse 5, ' They no sooner heard the word, Ere they quickly jumped on board, And hauled down the Yankee ensign, &c. Notwithstanding all their brag, Now the glorious British flag At the Yankee's mizen peak was quite the dandy O.' The last verse begins, 'Here's a health, brave Broke, to you, To your officers and crew, Who on board the Shannon frigate fought so handy O !' Another version is to be . found in the Harrow School Song-book.
On the action see James, vi. 50; Clowes, vi. 75 ; Mahan, Sea Power in its relations to the War of1812, ii. 131.
P. 312. Battle of the Shannon and Chesapeake. Text from two broadsides, one printed by Pitts, the other by Such, both in the editor's collection.
P. 313. The Endymion's Triumph. From the Madden collection {Garlands, i. 257). Action on January 15, 1815. See James, vi. 238; Clowes, vi. 167; Mahan, Sea Power in its relations to the War of 1812, ii. 398.
P. 316. The British Tars. Text from the editor's collection. Printed by J. Pitts, 6 St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials. Line 15 reads, ' haughty Gaul,' clearly erroneous.
P. 3J6. The Fancy Frigrate. Text from British Museum Ballads, 1871, f. 32. Also printed by Ashton, Peal Sailor Songs, p. 78*.
Another version supplied by Sir J. K. Laughton begins, ' There was a fine frigate, the Pique was her name.' Some cor­rections of the printed text have been adopted from the traditional version. Inline 9 this traditional version gives ' Mr. McCleverty,' which was apparently the real name of the officer whose nickname is given in the text. A third and shorter version, called The Plash Frigate, is printed in Mr. Masefield's Sailor's Garland, p. 188.
P. 319. The Saucy Seylla.' From the Madden collection {Country Printers, vii. 267).
p- 320- The Vanguard. From the Madden collection {Country Printers, vii. 163). In the last line, 'Jondy'=Master-■at-Arms.
P. 322. The Port Admiral. By Captain Marryat, printed in Snarleyow, or the Dog-Fiend.
P. 324. Oh, Cruel. Text from a broadside printed by Lvans, Long Lane, London, in the editor's collection. Another