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NOTES                           359
P. 268. The Downfall of the French Fleet. From the
Madden collection (Slipsongs, ii. 319, No. 1379).
P. 271. A New Sea Song". Bodleian Library (pressmark 2803. f. 4).
P. 274. The Blanche Frigate. A composite text put together from three versions in the editor's possession, printed by Pitts, Keys, and Ferraby, and from one in the Madden collecĀ­tion (Country Printers, i. 48^). The latter is the earliest and best, but some readings have been adopted from the others, and there are several conjectural emendations. An alternative title is The Tars of the Blanche.
P. 276. The Amazon Frigate. From a slipsong in the possession of the editor, printed by J. Pitts. On the action see James's Naval History, ii. 12; on the wreck of the Droits de 1'Homme see Duncan, Mariner's Chronicle, ii. 300.
P. 277. A New Song (The Seventeen Bright Stars). Record Office, Admiralty, Secretary. In Letters cxi. Correspondence of Bridport and Others, August 1798.
P. 279. The Genius of Britain. From the Madden collection (Slipsongs, i. 318).
P. 280. British Tars Rewarded. From the Madden collection (Slipsongs, i. 96, No. 3r6).
P. 282. A New Song" on Parker. Printed by Masefield, A Sailor's Garland, p. 121.
P. 282. The Death of Parker. Printed by W. H. Logan, A Pedlar's Pack, p. 62. Other versions with variants are in the possession of the editor.
P. 283. A New Song in Praise of Admiral Duncan. From the Madden collection (Country Printers, i. 50).
P. 285. A New Song on the Engagement between the Mars and La Hercule. From the Madden collection (Slipsongs, ii. 318, No. 1378).
P. 286. Verses Written on Board the Astra3a. Extracted from the Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux, 2nd edition, London 1827, p. 57. Stanza 5, 1. 5 ' my poor half-pint' Half a pint of rum (or arrack in India) was the ration till about 1825. Officers, and apparently the midshipmen, got it in bottles. To the men, since Vernon's time, it was served out as grog twice a day.
P. 289. The Arrow. Printed in Ashton's Real Sailor Songs, p. 23. Original in the British Museum (pressmark 11621. c. 6 [1]).
P. 290. Copenhagen. Printed in Laughton's Nelson Memorial, p. 196, and in Beattie's Life of T. Campbell, ii. 42-6.
P. 295. Action Off Copenhagen. From the Madden collection (London Printers, ii. 7). In the original the first line