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1777, for attempting to set fire to the dockyards at Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Bristol. See Lord Mahon's History of England, 'ed. 1858, pp. 141-145-
p. 255. Admiral Keppel Triumphant. Roxburgh Ballads,
viii. 326. From Dr. Burney's collection of English songs in the British Museum, ix. no. Words and music by J. Timms, of Dartford, published about February 1779 after Keppel's acquittal.
P. 257. Keppel for Ever. Roxburghe Ballads, viii. 325. ' Sir Hugh ' is printed ' Sir You,' in the original. ' Twitcher' means Lord Sandwich.
P. 258. A New Song: on Admiral Barring-ton. From the Madden collection {Slipsongs, ii. 311, No. 1364). On the battle, July 6, 1779, see Clowes iv. 434.
P. 259. Paul Jones. There are many versions of this ballad. One is printed in Roxburghe Ballads, viii. 332 (with four others). A more correct version was printed by Such, Forth, and other country printers. The version given in the text is a composite one put together from these different sources by the editor.
P. 260. Captain Farmer. From the Madden collection {London Printers, ii. 36). On Tyrrell and Cornwall see Clowes iii. 300, and Charnock iv. 131.
P. 261. The Bold Blades of Old England. From the Madden collection {Slipsongs, i. 73, No. 164).
P. 262. The Royal Sailor. From a song-book called The Vocal Companion, published at Preston, in the Bodleian Library (pressmark 2802. e. 1). In verse 6 'coral-red' is an emendation for ' coral-clad.' The Royal Sailor is also printed in The New Vocal Enchantress, 1789, p. 180.,
P. 263. Hood's Conquest over the Count de Grasse.
From the Madden collection {Slipsongs, ii. 34, and also Garlands, i. 1.)
P. 265. The Loss of the Centaur. Ashton, Real Sailor Songs, p. 40. See Clowes iv. 88, and Duncan, The Mariner's Chronicle, i. 191.
P. 266. The Robin Hood. From the Madden collection {Slipsongs, ii. 265). It has proved impossible to identify either the Robin Hood or her captain.
P. 267. Nymphe and Cleopatra. From the Madden collection {Slipsongs, ii. 315, No. 1371). The statement of the ballad as to the armament of the two frigates is inaccurate, as such statements frequently are in songs. The Nymphe had on her main-deck twenty-six 12-pounders, the Cle"opatre, twenty-eight; the Nymphe had eight carronades, 24-pounders, the Cleop&tre four 36-pounders. Their force was practically equal.